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Caesarstone Empira White

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Empira White offers the natural look of the best Calacatta Marble with deep grey veining on a timeless white backdrop. This is a high-end engineered quartz by leading manufacturer Caesarstone.

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Caesarstone Empira White offers a new twist on the famous Calacatta Marble. Not only that the stone displays grey bold veins with perfection, but its divine white backdrop will being light into any room.

Similarly, the stone brings an exquisite natural look to add sophisticated surfaces to any home or office. Caesarstone Empira White quartz is the perfect material for both traditional and modern interiors. You can mix-and-match the material with other natural surfaces or you can also contrast it with any colour.

Empira White is an original Calacatta marble quartz stone. It displays dark grey veins randomly scattered through a classic white marble colour slab. With  the same intention, the veining is produced with vivid depth with a highly polished surface that will adapt to any ambient.

In addition to its high versatility, the material offers a luxurious yet elegant finish to any area in which it is installed. You can use Caesarstone Empira White in kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms and utility rooms. Additionally and due to its high resistance to heat, you can also use it as  fireplace surround or to clad furniture.

Caesarstone is the pioneer of the natural quartz surface in the marketplace.

With origins in 1987, the Company sets world class standards both in terms of the quality of their products and customer service with bases in over 50 countries globally.

You can choose Caesarstone Empira White slabs come in dimensions of 3050x1440mm. The large format allows to create large panels without seems in a product that truly looks like Calacatta marble. As you can also choose from thicknesses of  20mm and 30mm; you'll find there are endless choices and design possibilities with this beautiful quartz stone.

The Brand offers polished finish surfaces and honed finish which is ideal for aged designs through the Motivo Collection. The quartz stone ranges are Classico, with traditional colours and Supernatural which includes colours evoking the beauty of different natural stone.

Caesarstone quartz surfaces come with 25 years manufacturer warranty and do not require sealing or coating.

Further to this, Caesarstone quartz offers a sturdy material that requires very little maintenance and is accompanied by the highest quality of pure natural quartz, being the first quartz manufacturer to received an ISO 14001 certification.

Features and benefits of Caesarstone Empira White 5151 Quartz:

  • Versatile and practical, suitable for any application in interior design
  • Realistic look and feel
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Non-porous
  • It can be cleaned with regular household detergent
  • Durability and strength
  • Scratch, stain and impact resistance
  • 25 Years Manufacturer’s warranty