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Cambria Mayfair

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Mayfair features interlaced blotches in navy and baby blue with black peppering, spread across a creamy white background.

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Cambria Mayfair offers the durability and resistance of granite worktops, without the need of coating or sealants. In addition, it provides great aesthetics to any space. Mayfair is characterized by interlaced blotches in navy and baby blue with black peppering. Continuing an elegant line, the coloured swirls sit calmly on a creamy-white background.

Mayfair is a close neighbour Cambria Marwell, Huntley and Islington, a range of stones that provide you with a full circle of choices to let your imagination do the rest. It goes without saying to mention that all Cambria Quartz offers maximum protection against stains, etching and scratches.

Cambria Mayfair belongs to the Black Marble Collection of Cambria Quartz UK, a range of materials inspired in natural stones . Not only that you can create an unlimited number of designs but with sheets of 3350x1660mm, most seams can also be avoided. In addition, you can choose Mayfair from thicknesses in 12mm, 20mm and 30mm suiting applications in for worktops and cladding.

Cambria is tougher than marble or granite worktops, making it more durable and is less likely to stain, chip or scratch. Because of its non-porous nature, this quartz stone does not absorb liquids, moisture and food leftovers. Similarly, it helps in avoiding the potential growth of bacteria which makes it ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, laboratories and healthcare facilities.

With Cambria Quartz UK, you don't need to apply additional enhancers or any other stone products. All you need to do, is clean it with some warm, soapy water. The product ensures, there is no moisture drawings to it, avoiding potential proliferation of bacteria.

Features and benefits of Cambria Mayfair:

  • Available in a huge range of 140 colours and patterns
  • Several thicknesses for vertical and horizontal applications
  • Low water absorption
  • Resistance to heat, cold, stains and scratches
  • Hygienic product suitable for use in areas in contact with food
  • Suitable for schools and laboratories
  • Large slab formats to create seamless panels
  • Cambria is maintenance free and requires no sealing or polishing
  • No need to apply stone enhancers, penetrants or topical treatments