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Carrara C

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After millions of years, a solidified natural stone delivers eternal beauty for any home, office and architectural design, this is the classic Italian  Carrara C marble. Carrara C is a natural stone quarried in the Carrara Mountains in northern Italy, becoming the most famous marble in the world since its discovery in ancient civilizations. Its white backdrop combined with delicate grey veining has made this marble the number one choice for incredible monuments, projects and buildings in human history. Marble Arch, Christopher Columbus Monument, the Pyramid of Cestius in Rome (18-12 BCE), the Oslo Opera House in Norway, The Famous All Marble Boat in Beijing, China and The Washington Monument in Washington DC are a few examples of the extensive use of Bianco Carrara C marble throughout our civilization. It is a very durable material and naturally non-toxic, acting as an organic element that avoids the harbouring of bacteria which makes it ideal for a wide array of internal and external building applications including  kitchen worktops, washbasins, fireplace surroundings, wet rooms, saunas, floorings, staircases, architrave and columns and plenty more. Its white tones bring originality and a dramatic elegance.