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Classic Quartz Statuario Vegle

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Classic Quartz Statuario Vegle is made using 93% pure quartz, recycled glass, additives, recycled stone and sand to result in a resistant worktop surface material.

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Classic Quartz Statuario Vegle is a variety of the marble Statuario from Italy. The stone is formed by materials that make it tough and very durable. Not only that Classic Quartz Statuario Vegle is highly resistant to stains but it also offers an original twist to the Classic Italian natural marble.

Available over 50 different colours, the Collection of Classic Quartz is one that ever expands with selective designs. Whether you need to decorate a small or medium size kitchen, there is a suitable slab size for any project. Classic Quartz Statuario Vegle is available in dimensions 3050x1600mm and a highly polished finish.

Classic Quartz Statuario is non-porous and highly resistant to heat, staining and scratches. This makes it an ideal product to use in kitchens as well as in other areas of any project. When it comes to maintenance, this is also a very practical product. All required to clean Classic Quartz Statuario Vegle is window cleaning spray and a cloth. In addition, this product never requires sealants or additional coatings.

Comparatively, other formats can be suited to large rooms and the making of seamless panels. A Jumbo slab in most colours covers 5.12 square meters, which is useful for large tabletops and kitchen islands as well as in-wall cladding. Besides looking minimalistic, the lack of seams help in completing simple designs.

Coupled with an ever-growing range of innovative designs, the brand offers slabs in 20mm and 30mm thicknesses. The Classic Quartz range is also available in two finishes. Polished and matt leather. This makes this range of affordable quartz stones, a reality in every home. If you wanted to change the entire look of any space, with an innovative stone, look no further.

Classic Quartz Stone slabs are made using 93% pure quartz, recycled glass, additives, recycled stone and sand. The result is a range of quartz stone surfaces that can be used in any type of interior applications.

Features and benefits of using Classic Quartz Statuario Vegle:

  • Non-porous surfaces that are highly resistant to stains when spillages occur.
  • Products are impervious to liquids and require no sealants.
  • Easy to clean and maintain, suitable for non-abrasive household cleaning products.
  • Durable and anti-bacterial.
  • Resistance to high temperatures.
  • Scratch and impact-resistant.
  • A versatile material that can be shaped for a wide array of applications in interiors.
  • An alternative range of products at very competitive prices.
  • Available warranty by registering with the UK distributor of the products.
  • Available in several ranges, different effects and finish