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Compac Micro Thassos

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Compac Micro Thassos brings the natural clean white base of the popular Thassos marble from Greece with an affordable product that is easy to clean and maintain.
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Compac Micro Thassos is a reinterpretation of the popular Thassos marble from Greece.

It is re-engineered by the leading Spanish manufacturer of stones, creating a product that comes with superior performance and low liquid absorption. As importantly, Micro Thassos is a neutral coloured material, which offers versatility with a white base and white fine grains. It simply displays luxury and unique gloss. You can use Compac Micro Thassos in bathrooms, living rooms, floors and walls internally. Externally, you could apply as a covering material in floors, steps, walls, facades, patios, balconies and terraces. Both of which allow the creation of consistent designs indoors and outdoors. Besides offering great performance on all  its products, Compac was one of the very first companies to create conglomerate materials made from natural stones and founded in 1975. It was the first company in Spain to manufacture marble surfaces. Compac, The Surfaces Company is a world leader in surface coverings and launched their Compac Quartz range in 2003 with a range of stones that are both aesthetically pleasing and offer incredible performance and ease of maintenance. So our readers can know more about Compac, it counts with one of the most advanced research and development techniques worldwide, continuously launching new and innovative products such as the very first pure white quartz stone (Compac Absolute Blanc), marble effect quartz stones (Compac Carrara, Compac Unique Calacatta). There are many other popular products that you see daily across the market, that have taken their inspiration from the Spanish leader.

Features and benefits of Compac marble in interiors:

  • Composed of between 91-96% natural marble with small percentages of resins to provide colour consistency and enhanced strength
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Products can be set with adhesive cement and can be re-polished after prolonged use; restoring their original gloss
  • Wide array of finishes and standardized thicknesses
  • High resistance to fire and low water absorption
  • Lighter than natural stone which reduces costs of transport and installation

Features and benefits of Compac marble in exteriors:

  • Thermal insulation prevents heat transfer from the metal framework edges and the vertical supports, maximizing energy efficiency
  • Simple product assembly of façades which avoids disturbing neighbours and users of the building
  • Wide array of finishes and aesthetics by selecting different siding modules
  • Designs created to eliminate condensation and 'chimney' effect
  • The external and internal leaves are separated, ensuring maximum protection against the weather and other agents in the atmosphere such as sun, rain, etc