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Compac Nilo

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Compac Nilo is a beige engineered marble product named after the famous river in Egypt. Owing to its name, Compac Nilo offers dynamic white veins on a beige backdrop reflecting the movement of rivers

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Compac Nilo is a beige engineered marble product named after the famous river in Egypt. Owing to its name, you will find that Compac Nilo offers dynamic white veins on a beige backdrop. With the similar intention, this marble is inspired in the movement seen in rivers and it will adds dynamism to your space.

In addition to great looks, you will find that Compac Nilo is the perfect stone. You can apply it in interiors and exteriors whether they are large or small. Equally important, the earthy tones of the material ensure you apply a stone with timeless appeal.

Besides being lightweight, customers can buy a product with very low porosity and minimal water absorption. Equally important, is the fact that Compac Nilo can be re-polished after prolonged use. Customers find that it is both of these unique features that make it ideal for bathrooms and kitchens. Homeowners will notice that is also ideal for any other areas in contact with water.

If great performance was not enough, you can purchase this marble in slab formats. With dimensions 3000x1230mm and thicknesses in 20mm and 30mm, it is highly versatile for all types of projects. In the same way, these will allow you to create multidimensional stone applications in vanity tops, bathrooms, table tops, to name a few.

Uniquely, the manufacturer started technological marble in 1975, and it is one of the leading Companies in conglomerate surfaces.In addition to its creative skills,  the Company achieved a huge success with their technological marble  in the 70's.

It is this unique combination of nature and technology has allowed the Spanish manufacturer to expand its ranges. Compac quartz was born in the early 1990's. Since its inception, it has made it the second largest manufacturer of quartz in the world.

Compac, The Surfaces Company started operations in the United Kingdom almost 20 years ago. It has become one of the preferred quartz and marble worktop manufacturers in the country; providing its unique products to both the residential and commercial sector.  Compac has won many accolades through its constant innovative approach when it comes to creating surfaces. These are highly resistant to scratches, staining and extreme temperatures.

Features and benefits of Compac Nilo marble:

  • Large slabs which ensures minimal seams and joints on surfaces
  • Property investment product that offers very good value for money
  • Flexibility and durability
  • Versatile stone that is ideal for applications in interiors
  • Wide variety of colours, finishes and thicknesses
  • Minimal water absorption
  • Available in many finishes including polished, matt, bush-hammered (deep texture), Silken (silk) and Ovo (light texture)
  • Its surfaces can be re-polished after extensive use