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Coral Reef

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Coral Reef granite is a natural stone originally found in the region of Paraiba-Campina Grande, Brazil from where it is exported to the UK and Europe. It presents a background alternating in between delicate yellow and grey with hints of black and pinkish minerals, in a medium sized grain forming a consistent pattern that offers unparalleled natural beauty and strength to interior and exterior architectural areas alike. Coral Reef is an extremely versatile material that is available in different finishes including honed polished, Anticato and bush hammered that enables different looks suiting relevant design environments. Coral Reef granite is suitable for use in kitchens, walls and floorings. It requires little maintenance whilst providing sophisticated looks in both interior and exterior applications that require natural stone that offers a refined appearance with incredible performance characteristics and strength. Granite is an ideal stone to work with, offering the possibility of having seamless pieces across large surfaces such as kitchen worktops, bar counters, bathrooms, cladding, and islands.