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CRL Montana Gris

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CRL Montana Gris is a light grey quartz stone with an exquisite swirly pattern scattered around its surface offering the look of granite with a luxurious material that brings practicality to the forefront of cooking.
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CRL Montana Gris is a light grey quartz stone with an exquisite swirls and veins  scattered over the surfaces.  The stone provides you with  the look of granite offering a luxurious material that brings practicality to the forefront of cooking. CRL Montana Gris is an exquisite stone product that displays patterns in white and different tone of greys. Similarly this is a natural looking product that is easy to maintain and highly resistant to staining and scratches. Montana Gris by CRL is made with approximately 90% pure quartz crystals and a mix of resins and raw materials that result in a product that is extremely versatile, allowing for countless designs possibilities on any interior. CRL Montana Gris quartz's surface is extremely hard wearing, tremendously versatile and outstandingly easy to maintain, providing an ideal material for interior areas with high demands and traffic such as kitchens, bathrooms and living rooms. CRL Montana Gris is available in slabs with dimensions 3300x1650mm which makes them a preferred material of choice for projects that require oversized panels that are seamless and picture perfect with thicknesses ranging in 20mm and 30mm which work wonders in both horizontal and vertical applications. Different to natural stones such as granite, limestone or marble, CRL quartz won’t ever require sealing and can be cared for with just soapy warm water and a kitchen cloth. The superior technical capabilities of the CRL Montana Gris quartz make it one of the most impervious product for kitchen worktops and vanity tops with performance advantages such as having foods cut on its surface without risks of detriment. CRL Laurence, the Company who distributes CRL Quartz, is a multinational Company that supplies many areas of the Construct and Build industries over the globe, with distribution centres across all continents, which allows the best customer service and after-sales support to their clientele. All CRL quartz surfaces come with an available manufacturer's warranty of 25 years upon product registration at CRL Stone’s website.

Some of the features and benefits of CRL Montana Gris quartz:

  • Highly resistant to wear and tear
  • Remarkable stone when it comes to resistant to scratches and accidental impact
  • Surfaces are unaffected by detergents, solvents as well as acids from juice and vinegar providing these are wiped off within 24 hours
  • Highly resilient to fire and heat without emitting toxic materials
  • Easy maintenance, no special products required to clean
  • Distinctly hygienic: non-porous material that avoids the proliferation of bacteria and mould
  • 25 years available warranty