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Dekton Orix

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Dekton Orix is an ultracompact surface by Cosentino which belongs to the Industrial Collection launched in 2017. It evokes the organic variation of cement stone, narrating the natural decay of the material which suits industrial designs and architectural spaces.



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Dekton Orix is a unique sintered stone made by Cosentino, a leading expert in residential and comercial stone surfaces. It evokes the organic variation of cement stone, narrating the natural decay of the material which suits industrial designs and architectural spaces.

Orix is part of the Industrial Collection, designed in collaboration with architect Daniel Germani, revolutionize any architectural or design project with beauty and charm.

In addition, Dekton Orix offers high resistance to staining scratches and heat. You can easily drag items on Dekton Orix without worrying about the common issues presented in Concrete or Metallic surfaces. If you wanted to compliment the design of Dekton Orix worktops throughout the property including external areas, this stone will be ideal.

Dekton is a new and revolutionary product made by Cosentino, the largest engineered stone supplier worldwide.
Orix is made by mixing a highly developed mix of porcelain, quartz, glass and raw materials resulting in an ultracompact surface that is highly resistant to heat, freeze, scratches, staining whilst being suitable for both indoors and outdoors applications.
The high resistance of Dekton to UV rays ensures the material won’t degrade nor fade with the passage of time and its low coefficient of thermal expansion ensures there won’t be thermal shocks when exposed to either high heat and/or freezing conditions. Its high abrasion resistance offers a product that is easy to work on, ensuring the surfaces never need sealing.

It allows you to continue the same design both indoors and outdoors designs, by using matching materials which are unique in their colour, texture and finishes. Dekton can be customized for larger projects, enabling architects, designers and specification Companies to create a unique product, particular to a given brand, project or residential property.

Orix is available in slab formats of 3200x1440mm. The size of these slabs brings you a whole new world of design possibilities, bringing seamless surfaces to kitchens, flooring, bathrooms and facades.
You can also select from many different Dekton finishes in X Gloss with unique sheen in a polished surface, Smooth Matte which suits traditional spaces as well as Dekton Grip, an anti-slip solution for wet areas including swimming pools, spas, bathrooms and saunas and a unique Textured Finish for industrial or aged designs.

Dekton offers thicknesses of 4mm, 8mm, 12mm, 20mm and 30mm thicknesses, recommending 8mm and 12mm for cladding and 12mm thickness and over for kitchen worktop and countertop applications.
Dekton uses a Sintered Particle which works at a molecular rather than granular level, which ensures the material has practically zero water porosity. This enables this stone to work on any environment, with anti-staining properties for all foods, including colourants such as curry, lemon, coffee and ketchup.

Features and benefits of using Dekton Orix in projects:

• High resistance to thawing and freezing
• Practically no liquid absorption
• Completely fireproof
• Highly resistant to stain and scratches
• Highly resistant to abrasion
• Uniform and stable in colouring
• Highly resistant to UV lighting
• Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications