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Quarella Verde Tirreno

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Quarella Verde Tirreno brings the original look of classic green marble to interiors and exteriors with a product with exceptionally low water absorption and durability.  
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Quarella Verde Tirreno is a green engineered marble product made from natural marble and granite crystals under an industrially controlled environment that results in a lightweight marble surface with very low liquid absorption. Verde Tirreno offers the classic beauty of green marble types such as Verde San Francisco, Verde Antico and Verde Guatemala marble to any interior and exterior application with natural charm and grace. Quarella makes an innovative range of marble and quartz conglomerate products that are effective and practical in commercial projects that range from hotels, shopping centres, restaurants and buildings in public areas. The material are very popular amongst homeowners who seek to achieve a luxurious setting with a durable and practical marble product. Quarella Verde Tirreno is a popular material from the range as it brings simple aesthetics with versatility and practicality to any environment in which it is applied. Quarella Verde Tirreno is available in both slab and tile formats making it ideal for applications in worktops, splashbacks, walls, floors, furniture and limitless other uses. The Italian manufacturer with over four decades of experience in the production of conglomerate stone materials brings the look of pre-cast Terrazzo Marble to any room regardless of its style and size with a product that is timeless, elegant and affordable to practically any budget. Quarella marble tiles are also available in different dimensions and thicknesses which ensure you can complete any element of your designs with these popular marble surfaces. Features and benefits of Quarella Marble products:
  • Minimal water absorption
  • Superior flexural and compressive strength to natural marble
  • Italian finesse with unbeatable production methods and ageing process of its materials
  • Quarella reduces the environmental impact all its products caring for the environment during of production and disposal of its materials
  • Wide array of colours and patterns and endless design options
  • Light weight stone product facilitating ease of transport and installation