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San Simone quartzite

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San Simone quartzite is a natural stone from Brazil with bright white background and a veined pattern of pure black.

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San Simone quartzite is a natural stone from Brazil. It provide you with a stone in a bright white background and a veined pattern of pure black. San Simone quartzite brings the beauty of marble to kitchens with lower risks of etching associated with calciferous materials although with our recommendation to protect your worktops from spillages regardless.. In addition, it performs more like a granite, in that it is stronger than softer limestone and marble.

San Simone quartzite is an exotic material with recent growth in popularity. This is because it offers the look of classic marble, taken to a slightly more exuberant scale. Similarly, quartzite is an extremely tough stone and rates between 6-7 in Moh's scale of minerals. If you wonder how the surfaces are cut to size, fabrication is intensive and expert handling is required with such dense stone.

Also, San Simone is a versatile stone that you can apply to walls and corridors. You can  also use it as for kitchen worktops, bar counters and wall cladding applications. Equally, you can use it in exteriors as floorings, cladding or steps. Quartzite comes  in large slabs,covering an approximate 6.5 square meters area.

If you are looking for a distinctive material that will turn heads of friends, family and onlookers, this is the ideal stone. Not only that it offers incredible looks but it also provides you with a material that is easy to clean. When it comes to maintenance, you can easily find a branded PH neutral soap which suits natural stones.

Some of the features and benefits of using San Simone quartzite are highlighted below:

  • Increasingly popular material due to a mix of sophisticated looks with an element of crystalline minerals.
  • Decadent and luxurious
  • Extremely durable
  • Available in earthy colours and stunning appearance
  • Highly suitable for contemporary interiors
  • Adds resale value to any property
  • Honed finished provide vintage and old fashioned looks
  • Easy maintenance regime
  • Naturally strong: third strongest mineral on earth
  • Natural product
  • Non-toxic
  • Suitable for food preparation areas