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Sensa Silver Silk

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Sensa Silver Silk is grey granite original from India and treated by Cosentino in Europe
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Sensa Silver Silk is grey granite original from India and treated by Cosentino in Europe. The Sensa treatment penetrates the surfaces and modifies its external fascia, ensuring the material becomes highly resistant to stains and maintenance free compared to natural stone counterparts. Retain the original beauty of your worktop thanks to this treatment. Sensa is the new brand of worktop by Cosentino. Its success is based on a product which repels stains, introducing a radical new concept in the granite business, offering a definite protective treatment to reduce stains on the material, always showing a visually attractive result. Sensa Silver Silk uses Sensa's revolutionary treatment to allow for a wide range of applications without raising concerns for staining and the peace of mind of the most reputable certifications such as NSF and Green-guard, ensuring compliance with air quality standards within the American Environmental Institute. The Sensa brand is a granite product range that offers great added value as it is highly resistant to stains and scratches, easy to maintain and it is certified for contact with food, offering complete peace of mind. Sensa Silver Silk is selected and finished by Cosentino, the largest quartz manufacturer in the world who has most recently acquired operations in quarries of natural granite types which are carefully selected before being shipped to the countries with demand. With exploration in different areas of Brazil and India, Cosentino sources exclusive and striking granite types that are colourful many times, always out of the ordinary. The Sensa treatment is carried out on each individual slab of material prior to installation of the surfaces that are ideal to be used for applications such as kitchen worktops, wall cladding, bathroom flooring and fireplace surrounds amongst other design options. Cosentino warrants Sensa Silver Silk for a period of 15 years upon registration of the product by the user on its website. Features and benefits of Sensa Granite:
  • Naturally sturdy, unique materials, carefully selected slabs
  • Wide array of colours, thicknesses and finishes
  • Large slab dimension ensures joints are kept to a minimum
  • Striking colours and wild patterns
  • Extremely resistant to scratches and staining
  • Low porosity avoiding the proliferation of bacteria
  • Heat and Fire resist