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Silestone Blanco Zeus Extreme

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Silestone Blanco Zeus Extreme is the whitest quartz stone available in the market with unparalleled clean looks and extremely versatility.
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Silestone Blanco Zeus Extreme is the whitest quartz stone available in the market with unparalleled clean looks and extremely versatility. Moreover, this surface can suit traditional and contemporary environments  for both residential and commercial applications. Highly attractive and practical, Silestone Blanco Zeus Extreme quartz comes in slabs with dimensions of 3050x1380mm and a Jumbo size option with dimensions of 3250x1590mm which ensure there are minimum amount of joints across large surfaces. There are also optional finished such as the popular polished, Suede (matt with a subtle texture) and Volcano which is a rustic whilst soft surface simultaneously. Blanco Zeus Extreme has become the most popular quartz colour worldwide since it was launched (originally under the name ‘Blanco Zeus’ which was improved in 2013 and rebranded as ‘Extreme’ due to its technical improvements upon the development of a stronger shade of white quartz stone) due to its wide array of possible combinations and appeal to all segments of Interior and Architectural Design becoming a favourite amongst end clients, property developers and Architects alike. Blanco Zeus Extreme quartz features in countless cooking TV shows and is used extensively by the very best chefs in the globe and renowned personalities including tennis player Rafael Nadal in Silestone’s 2013 Campaign ‘Authentic Life’, based on surfaces that represent individual styles and personalities which start at home.

Silestone White Zeus Extreme quartz takes its name from the Zeus, the Greek Mythology god of the skies and overlord of the Olympian Gods, evoking its presence by introducing a surface with timeless appeal; extreme performance, reliability and simplicity in term of design and innovation.

Highly resistant to scratches, heat and staining Blanco Zeus Extreme quartz is an ideal surface for those who seek a timeless, hard wearing material that will last a for decades to come. Silestone contains approximately 94% pure natural quartz and includes NSF, ISO14001 and Hygiene Certifications for School and Universities in the highest standards of surfaces for food preparation. Silestone surfaces are available in a Suede finish; this tactile texture surface is also adaptable to more traditional and/or industrial settings and features. It also offers a Volcano Finish, which has a heavy texture which will suit contemporary as well as traditional and industrial spaces. Cosentino, the Company producing Silestone, is the largest quartz manufacturer in the world with bases globally. They have 5 distribution units in the UK which allows the Company to provide full support and service to all their clients. All Silestone products come with an available manufacturer's warranty of 25 years upon product registration at Silestone’s website.

Features and benefits of Silestone Blanco Zeus Extreme:

  • Flexibility in design with over 50 colours, 3 different finishes and thicknesses to choose from.
  • Standard and Jumbo slab formats for larger surfaces.
  • Durability and strength.
  • Extremely scratch, stain and impact resistant.
  • Exclusive N-Boost liquid protection.
  • Exclusive bacterial protection.
  • Easy to care and maintain.
  • 25 Years Manufacturer’s warranty.