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5 Kitchen Trends to Look Out For

When looking for ideas to build or remodel their kitchen spaces, homeowners often look for the latest trends so as to keep their home interiors updated. If you’re considering building or remodeling your kitchen, we have the 5 design trends that you should keep in mind, when selecting layouts.

Kitchen Worktops

The Latest Kitchen Trends

Worktops - Light colored marble and quartz worktop are increasingly gaining popularity with designers and homeowners, such as Carrara, Calcutta Oro, etc. The use of granite, especially heavily veined and multi-toned ones, have lessened lately. Even if granite is used, it’s at times either in flamed or honed finish, almost as much as polished. Cabinetry - Natural wood, in darker shades such as mahogany and walnut, and painted white is what’s trending in cabinetry lately. Also, the heavy or overwrought detailing on cabinets is slowly fading away, making way for drawer fronts and full overlay slab paneled doors. Hardware - Finger pulls are increasingly being preferred over the traditional decorative hardware. It could either be a small finger grab on top of the panel, or a pulls cutting into the panel wall. The essence of the approach being, to reduce visual clutter. Socially integrated - The concept of the dining table and a separate dining room has faded away to make way for a more social kitchen space. Today, kitchen integrate the kitchen and dining rooms with very large islands, that accommodate for dining, prep work, and cooking. It makes the kitchen a social place where the kids can be watched closely doing their homework, while parents are preparing for meals. The fading of the pendant lighting - The concept of pendant lighting is also loosing value, as kitchens are becoming more and more multi-tasking. Pendant lighting, which was earlier used to create a focal point, for the eye to stop at the worktop, is slowly fading away.

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