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5 Most Popular Neolith Worktop Colours for Kitchen Makeover in 2020

Neolith countertops have taken the stone industry by storm. These revolutionary compact surfaces have gained immense popularity in a short time due to their natural appearance yet durable and high-performance capabilities that make them ideal for daily wear and tear.

Due to their non-porous surface, Neolith worktops are highly resistant to scratches and stains. This ultra-compact worktop material also has a low absorption rate that makes them suitable for food processing and contact. Besides, these worktops are heat and fire-resistant, making them an excellent option for kitchen design.

Another benefit of choosing Neolith countertop is that it’s available in a variety of colour choices. This year, TheSize has added more striking hues to their collection, offering endless design possibilities to the urban homeowners.

Here are the top 5 popular Neolith worktop colours to decorate your kitchen in 2020:

1) Neolith Calacatta Luxe

Neolith Calacatta Luxe worktop has been introduced to their Classtone Collection. Featuring the natural elements of famous Calacatta Oro marble, this particular Neolith worktop is likely to add a luxurious touch to your interior. It boasts a creamy background with stunning veining patterns in black, grey and orange touches. The stunning marble-like design on its surface will add a fabulous finish to any given interior where it’s installed.


neolith calacatta luxe

2) Neolith Just White

It is a minimalistic sintered worktop with a smooth and velvety finish, which is suitable for kitchen and bathroom interiors. Moreover, this ultra-compact surface is highly resistant to scratches and staining, making it a practical surface for everyday use. If you want a worktop material that has exquisite beauty and excellent strength, Neolith Just White is an ideal option. You may even choose it for its lightweight and extreme durability.

neolith just white worktops

3) Neolith Retrostone

The stunning Neolith Retrostone has been designed to fill your kitchen interior with the nostalgia of age-old terrazzo. Unlike traditional terrazzo, this worktop surface doesn’t need sealing, and you may even count on this product for its superior scratch and stain-resistant properties. Since Neolith Retrostone won’t fade away over time, it can be installed both indoors and outdoors without worrying about losing its visual appeal.

neolith retrostone

4) Neolith Mar Del Plata

Neolith Mar Del Plata boasts explosive silver veining patterns on the dark grey sintered stone. This dark stone has been inspired by Brazilian Dark Pearl granite but with improved performance. This stone features a dark grey backdrop with stunning waved vein pattern, along with white lines, contrasting with the dark base. It also has an innovative Slate finish to add a natural feel of texture of granite to your kitchen. Besides the veining pattern, it also has random flakes all over the surface that reminds us of the flowing water in rivers or lakes.

neolith mar del plata

5) Neolith Mont Blanc

Inspired by the glorious appearance of Chamonix in the French Alps, Neolith Mont Blanc can instantly add a natural feel of wilderness to your kitchen interior. The design and texture of this worktop remind us of the famous Brazilian quartzite stone. This worktop stone boasts off-white backdrop with elegant black veining pattern that resembles the stunning White Macaubas quartzite.

neolith mont blanc kitchen worktops