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5 Myths about Marble that may be Stopping you from using it

Have you ever dreamed about the kind of home you will have one day? Or are you already living in your dream home, and love all the surfaces that you have used? Does marble come into this scenario quite often? Marble is one of the most demanded stone products when it comes to home décor. Not only is it exquisite, but it is also understood to be fairly expensive, which makes many people tend to stay away from it.

Marble is one of the most misunderstood stones in the business. While many crave to have it in their homes, they are too scared actually to take the plunge and buy it.

Kitchen worktops in Bianco Carrara honed marble by My Kitchen Worktop in London

If you are wondering if marbles are truly tough to work with, here are five myths to bust about marbles:

1. Marble is Expensive

Yes, marble can be expensive when you compare it to the other stones, but you will be surprised to see the price differences within different ranges of the marble itself. Most of the times when people buy marble, they end up going for the most expensive types and pieces. This is not necessary. There are various types of marbles with different prices and ranges in each, so you are sure to find something within your budget. Marble is priced depending on its availability and how far a company needs to go in order to source it. There are marbles that can be quarried fairly easily and in close locations such as Bianco Carrara or Rosa Porrino. Other types are more rare and that have to be sourced at different altitudes, such as Calacatta marble.

2. Marble Stains

Marble does stain easily, and this is why people are usually not keen on having marble kitchen worktops in UK areas and counties but what many tend to forget is that the marble can easily be cleaned off the stain as soon as it occurs. Only when you let a stain sink and set in, will you face a problem. However, since there are multiple patterns on the marbles, many times, it tends to pass off as a pattern itself! Further to this, reputable stone suppliers seal marble worktops during installation. This makes marble much less prone to staining and more suitable for a kitchen worktop application.

3. Hard to Maintain

This is not true at all. Marbles are not hard to take care of. They are a little time consuming, but once you get the hang of cleaning it, it can be done fast and easy whenever you need to. Just look out for any dust and grime in the cracks of the marble. And just as Granite and many other types of stones, Marble too needs a sealant every few years to keep it shining.

4. Easily scratched

This is another myth that is not true. Marbles can get scratched but it is not easy to make a scratch on such a hard stone. Even if it does get scratched, it is not a ruined stone but adds a lot of character to space. Further to this, almost any stone that you may use as worktop can be scratched if not used properly, not just marble.

5. Marble is Delicate

This is no true. Marbles are not just to be seen and admired but can be put to hard work too. It can take a lot of work and will still be as sturdy as ever. In fact, it is stronger than many other types of stones that are used as kitchen worktops. Historic proofs of this are statues such as Greek, Roman and even British monuments such as Marble Arch. A delicate marble would not stand for centuries!

Above are five myths about marbles that can easily be broken! If you are still looking to buy those marble worktops in UK, now is the time!