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Compac Worktops - All You Need to Know

When you choose a brand such as Compac from certified stone suppliers in London such as My Kitchen Worktop, you are assured of a superior quality product that will be installed by a highly professional team. This will assure you of the best quality worktops that will last a lifetime, at a price that is affordable by all. Compac quartz worktops are manufactured by Compac, who are among Europe’s leading manufacturers of quartz. The company was founded in 1975 and hold the distinction of being the first Spanish company who specialize in manufacturing and distributing quartz and marble surfaces. They function now as a multinational organization. Compac quartz is essentially an engineered stone that comprises of 93-95% quartz minerals and 5-7% of resin binder or polymers along with pigment percentage of 1%. Quartz in general has the distinction of being one of the hardest natural materials and this gives Compac extremely high levels of scratch and abrasion resistance. My Kitchen Worktop are approved distributors of Compac quartz surfaces. A wide range of design ideas open up with the use of this versatile material, as it is available in many colours and finishes. It is comparable to traditional granite worktops when it comes to resilience, hardness and aesthetics. A consistency is colour, design and pattern is its biggest advantage over granite as this is an engineered stone. Easy to clean and easy to maintain, Compac quartz worktops offers many advantages such as no requirement of sealing and polishing, quick cleaning with just soapy water and a cloth, no cracking, etc. To know more about Compac quartz worktops, you can contact one of the most established stone suppliers of London, My Kitchen Worktop and check out their entire range of products at https://mykitchenworktop.co.uk/