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All You Need to Know about Compac Quartz Worktops

Compac, founded in the year 1975 is a Spanish Multinational Company that supplies high quality products all throughout the globe. It is the second largest quartz manufacturer in the market.

They were the first to manufacture Quartz stones. Commonly known as the Nature Range, Compac was also the first quartz manufacturer to give their collection a touch gave marble feel.

Compac quartz Grey Concrete kitchen worktops

Compac quartz Grey Concrete kitchen worktops

Compac Quartz is a Quartz stone, made with Breton technology, which ensures hardness in the material. To ensure that there is no absorption, it is then vibrate-compressed. Technical quartz does not require sealing after it is installed.


  • Compac Quartz is a stone that combines many features simultaneously. It not only provides a luxurious feel, but it is smooth, of good quality as well as long-lasting.
  • It’s flexibility, adaptability and resistance makes it suitable for flooring, vanity and kitchen tops.
  • It is highly non-absorbent and resistant to heat, stains and other things which make it preferable for household as well as commercial purposes.
  • It’s rich and luxurious look gives a classy and opulent look.
  • Its fineness and low maintenance cost makes this product even more lovable.


These are best suited for kitchen worktops, floorings, bathroom panels, stairs and any other commercial or residential. However, Compac Carrara Quartz and the rest of this quartz collection are only suitable for interiors and are recommended not to be used for exteriors since UV lighting can affect coloration. It is used for commercial floorings because they render a classy look and yet has low maintenance cost.


Compac Carrara Quartz needs a regular cleaning with water, a pH neutral cleaner and a soft cloth.
However, there are different cleaning treatments for different kinds of stains.

To clean any kind of grease stains, you may rub the stain with a detergent solution and then water.
Metal and rust stains can be cleaned by a small amount of hydrochloric acid. Leave the acid for a few seconds and then rinse off with water and leave it for drying.

Preventive Measures

  • It is advisable not to install Compac Carrara Quartz Worktops under direct sunlight.
  • Do not put extreme hot pans, pots, and other hot utensils on Compac Carrara Quartz surfaces
  • Do not use too much of anti-cleaning solvents.
  • This product does not require polishing.

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