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All You Need to Know about Quartz Worktops

Quartz is a man made material that contains 93% granite that is combined with resin binders and colouring agents to achieve the desired colour and consistency. It has properties that are similar to granite but not identical.

The biggest advantage of quartz worktops is the consistency of its structure and extensive availability of colours that aids in the design of a fully customized kitchen. One of the most popular choice is white quartz kitchen worktops as there are no pure white rocks such as granite worktops that are available in Nature. The availability of quartz in various colours makes it easy to combine and match it with other similar and dissimilar materials.

Quartz has excellent physical properties as well- it is hard wearing, durable and has a harder surface than granite and other stones, because of the consistency in its manufacture. It is virtually non porous as well as having a zero absorption level. This makes it waterproof, liquid resistant and extremely hygienic.

Quartz can retain its beauty and its qualities for decades if cared for well. One thing that needs to be observed is that White quartz kitchen worktops, like any other quartz worktops are not completely resistant to heat and have an affinity to crack due to thermal shocks. This happens due to the melting of the resin binder at higher temperatures.

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