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Benefits of Installing Terrazzo Worktops in your Kitchen

Many homeowners opt for terrazzo worktops owing to the myriad benefits offered by the same. If you are thinking of installing a terrazzo worktop in your kitchen, look at the benefits you can enjoy with your choice.

Terrazzo lasts for an extended period

There’s a common saying that a terrazzo worktop can easily last longer than the life of the building itself. Terrazzo has a very high compressive strength, which enables it to withstand heavy traffic, as well as high levels of pressure, with ease. With routine cleaning and minimal maintenance, a terrazzo tile worktop can last for many years without any need for repair or replacement.

Terrazzo is cost-effective

While many may argue that terrazzo can be an expensive material for a worktop, the truth is that terrazzo worktops feature among the lowest life-cycle cost materials for worktops. Compared to types of equipment that cost cheaper to install and more expensive to maintain, replace or repair, terrazzo worktops come with one-time installation cost, which can be balanced by the deficient maintenance, repair or replacement costs that occur during their lifetime. This feature makes a terrazzo worktop an affordable solution for homes.

Terrazzo Worktop

Terrazzo offers plenty of design customization options

One of the main highlights of terrazzo tile worktops is that they can be customized to suit existing décor or according to your preferences. Terrazzo is manufactured by combining several materials like glass chips, marble, etc., along with resin colours (of your choice). This creates a visually striking effect, which can be further enhanced by opting for customized designs. You can add a special touch to the worktop by choosing a colour that matches the existing kitchen décor or decide to go bold with contrasting, elaborate patterns, which make the countertop stand out.

Terrazzo is resistant to many things

Terrazzo provides a highly resistant worktop surface for heavy-duty kitchens. Damaging a terrazzo worktop is next to impossible, as it is highly resistant to stains, scratches, chips, thermal shock, chemical spillage and even fire damage. Some terrazzo suppliers also provide an additional layer of protection over the terrazzo surface to enhance its longevity and durability. And contrary to the notion that terrazzo worktops can be slippery, a terrazzo worktop is slip-resistant and an ideal place for preparing meals.

Terrazzo Worktops

Terrazzo is an eco-friendly alternative to other worktop materials

In addition to being one of the most budget-friendly worktop materials, terrazzo is also one of the most eco-friendly worktop materials available in the market. Since its introduction, it has been considered as one of the greenest worktop materials for homes and commercial establishments. Terrazzo tile is manufactured using sustainable materials and has, over the years, incorporated new measures to become a durable worktop material. As such, terrazzo worktops do not contain volatile compounds that can damage indoor air quality. Many terrazzo worktop manufacturers are also LEED-certified and offer sustainable terrazzo worktops made of eco-friendly materials like recycled glass or locally sourced materials.