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The Best Natural Stones to Achieve a Period Look in any Living Room

The effortless charm of a period decor makes it an excellent choice for homeowners not looking for something too modern or complicated. Now that you have successfully achieved the perfect look in other parts of your home, it's time to start renovating the living room. Apart from the furniture, lighting, and wall art, one crucial decision for the homeowners aiming for a period look in their living room is selecting the right material. Be it for the flooring, walls, cladding, or the area surrounding the fireplace, the material you select would surely play an integral role in the beauty and functionality of the room. Natural materials with their charm and durability can be great for creating the right period look. Some top materials that you can select are:

1. White Marble

White marble options like Carrara and Calacatta are popular for several centuries for their natural beauty. Apart from these popular options, there are other great options like Crystal White Marble, Stone Italiana Superwhite, and White Evora Marble for creating a period look. Apart from the beauty, marble is also known to be affordable and long-lasting.


2. Black Marble or Black Quartz

Black marble also looks amazing in any traditionally designed space. No matter if you are aiming for something subtle or something more dramatic, the market is now filled with innumerable options to suit every buyer. Some of the top options that you should consider are Mercury Black Marble, Black Gold Marble, Black Fossil Marble, and OkiteMarquinia Black.


3. Grey Marble

Homeowners looking for something neutral and more balanced can consider a grey marble for their living room. It is a highly practical and timeless colour which is sure to enhance the traditional appeal of any space. Pietra Grey Marble, Caesarstone Flannel Grey, Bardiglio Venato Marble, Noble Grey Marble and Almeria Grey Marble are some options that you should consider.


4. Black Granite

Granite is also a great choice if you are looking for a natural material that is strong and long-lasting. Moreover, the different minerals that form granite surfaces add excellent character and depth to their beauty. If you think black granite is what you need in your living room, options like Angola Black Granite, Regal Black Granite, Jet Black Granite, and Absolute Black Leather Granite are sure to impress you.


5. Grey Limestone

If you are searching for a material for the bathroom or living room or even a kitchen splashback whose beauty is like marble but one that is a little bit more affordable, limestone may be an excellent option. It is durable, strong, and is available in many different colours. For a period look in your living room, you can consider grey limestone. Some of the top recommendations are CRL Grey Mist, Jura Grey Limestone, Belgium Fossil Limestone, and Fume Emperador Limestone.


To create the perfect period, look in your living room, you’ll surely be required to think about many different aspects of the room thoroughly. Start with selecting a natural material as this will make the whole process easier and time-efficient.