Bianco Eclipse Project

Yosma - Baker Street, London.

London is a haven for versatile food joints, restaurants and hotels. Living in London, you can enjoy the softness of a French croissant to the delicacies of the Chinese cuisine. Although considered conventional, London has evolved as a place with people who love to try out new places and new food cuisines. Restaurants today are not just restricting themselves in achieving the perfect taste and flavour; they do not focus solely on bringing uniqueness to their food. They are focusing on providing their customers with an unique and tasteful experience. This experience includes everything from the service, the props and serving items to the most important one: the ambience. Businesses are ever working in creating unique ambience that will be attractive to clients to repeat great experiences in lovely environments.

Yosma - Baker Street, London

My Kitchen Worktop aces in providing quartzite and marble among one of the largest selection of natural and engineered stones in the UK

They offer incredible looking surfaces that complete fine ambience spaces for restaurants, cafes and retails chains and one such project is Yosma, located Baker Street, London.

Bianco Eclipse, a popular quartzite from Brazil

Worktops, bar counters and splashbacks in Bianco Eclipse, a popular quartzite from Brazil Following the Turkish way of getting things done, their restaurant is an absolute delight. They have set up the place Meyhane style. The walls are made with a delicate combination of materials such as timber cabinetry and terrazzo floors. It is almost as if you walked into Istanbul, it is that authentic. The designers have spent an appropriate amount of time in experimenting with the ambience and the materials used are interesting, appealing to a wide audience and new. Some of the materials used: Bianco Eclipse quartzite and Perlino Rosato Marble. Perlino Rosato marble is a pink Italian natural stone which features a beautiful pattern of delicious thin and dark veins.

Perlino Rosato marble

Perlino Rosato marble offers Italian appeal and historic charm to interiors spaces These stones types,  bring out the best of what the very best marble has to offer, particularly when it comes to catering for a public base set up whereas Bianco Eclipse quartzite is a white and grey dream original from Brazil that offers the perfect combination of having classic appearance of marble and the resistance that only the toughest granites are able to provide. Being pioneers in the field, My Kitchen Worktop brought together two materials that bring out the best of what they have to offer in terms of aesthetic appeal and durability. Adding value to Yosma’s ravishing ambience is their unique and tempting Turkish spread. You will be convinced that this restaurant means nothing more than being authentically on point.