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Caesarstone Classico Collection 2014

Caesarstone Classico Collection 2014

Israeli based quartz manufacturer Caesarstone has launched the Classico Collection in 2014.

caesarstone frosty carrina

Caesarstone Frosty Carrina -5141

Caesarstone's Classico Collection is inspired in designs that create an atmosphere of serenity and relaxation, according to their latest statement.

A neutral palette of 10 classic and timeless colours with leading edge designs for creative and functional applications that encompasses luxury and tradition.

Caesarstone Woodlands

Caesarstone Woodlands -6338

Caesarstone's Classico Collection products are practical, durable and attractive with superior strength and quality and made of a mix with approximately 93% quartz.

Caesarstone frosty carrina

Colours and surfaces that are practical, hygienic and environmentally friendly with non-porous properties that make it an ideal choice for humid environments like bathrooms, spas, wet saunas and bath houses.


Caesarstone Emperadoro -5380

Caesarstone Classico Collection offers minimal maintenance recommending soap and water or a mild detergent for cleaning in most cases.

With over 70 colours available globally, Caesarstone offers a wide range of products with the finest textures and designs available in the market.


Caesarstone Shitake -4230

The nature inspired designs give the stone natural looks and earthy colours with rich textures and marble looks.


Caesarstone Dreamy Marfil -5220

Caesarstone Classico Collection is also aesthetically stunning and benefits from the durable
qualities Caesarstone’s quartz surfaces possess.
Designs range from fine-grained salt-and-pepper patterns to coarse-grained colour blends with a
variegated visual texture. Each surface has a perfectly polished finish.

Caesarstone Oyster

Caesarstone Oyster -4030

Caesarstone’s quartz surfaces never need sealing and require minimal maintenance to keep them looking like new.


Caesarstone Cocoa Fudge -4260

Every Caesarstone surface comes with a comprehensive 15 year guarantee to provide further peace of mind.
Caesarstone Piatra Gray -5003
Caesarstone Wild Rice -4360
Please contact My Kitchen Worktop on 203 0788912 or via email to [email protected] for more information about products from the Caesarstone Classico Collection.
More information on the Caesarstone Classico Collection can be found here