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Check out the Best Minimalist Kitchen Ideas with Silestone Worktops

Minimalism is the new kid on the block when it comes to kitchen designing trends that are taking the world by storm. Let’s take a look at some of them!

The kitchen can be said to be the epicentre of the house for many families as it is the food manufacturing area. Not only elders spend a huge amount of time cooking but also children who take a sneak peek at the kitchen bar in search of their favourite snack. The significance of the kitchen in everyday life means that it can get uncomfortable to unravel the space so that it goes up to the level of minimalist aesthetics. To make your kitchen simple and sleek, minimalist interiors are the best option. With features like marble-topped islands and natural coloured pallets, these kitchens can have that classy feel.

It is easy to maintain and clean a minimalist kitchen. It has the look of modern interior décor and chic. The world of minimalism helps us to alleviate the litters of a small house or a spacious one. To enhance the elegance of a minimalistic kitchen interior, you can use countertops/worktops of Silestone. Silestone is basically made up of 90% natural quartz. Hence it is exceptionally resilient and hard. It has a classy feel and is used for kitchen items like countertops and worktops.

Here are some minimalist kitchen ideas with Silestone worktops:

  • To the ones who are looking forward to giving a whitish elegance to his/her kitchen: Maintain a triangle between the sink, oven and refrigerator. Keep them segregated but not too far away. If you want your kitchen to have a comfortable feel to it then go for Silestone worktops which not only comes in light colours but also fits perfectly even you don’t have big space. You can also opt for Silestone Miami white 17 custom series which has both polished and standard texture. The slabs are of such types that they won’t lose their texture even in extreme conditions neither they are prone to scratches. To enhance the look you may also set the lightning condition a bit on the brighter side, and that will definitely add to its glamour too.


silestone miami white kitchenSilestone Miami White quartz kitchen island with minimalist features in a period property


  • Talking about minimalist gallery kitchen: This idea is best suited for the ones whose kitchen structure is narrow and long. It should be planned with specific cabinets, Silestone/wooden worktop and dining table and also the walls with ceramic tiles. As space is less in this case, you can choose light grey Silestone worktops. You may opt for the colour assistance which is available at Silestone UK. They will give you distinct ideas which will be the best fit.
  • To the ones who are looking for efficiency: If you want to collaborate the minimalistic look with efficiency where u can cook fast then opt for a specific design which will satisfy you. Bring a modern look to your kitchen with varied Silestone textures. These will not only give you the look and feel but they won’t get stained easily. In addition to this, they are easy to clean too; hence saving time. One can opt for Silestone Blanco Zeus Extreme and its mythology series to bring a contemporary look to his/her kitchen interior. These are accessible in polished, suede and volcano finish which are of high demand recently in the interior décor market.


Silestone Blanco Zeus Extreme

Silestone Blanco Zeus Extreme worktops and matching integrated quartz sink

  • Implement varied textures to your modern kitchen: To give a stunning look to your minimalist designed kitchen, opt for textures with are latest in the décor market. It's better if you consult with your designer and ask him/her to incorporate Silestone worktops in the design. One can manage the exposed brick walls and wooden beams by simply implementing trendy bar stools according to the texture visually appropriate by him/her. Silestone integrity sinks are the ones if you are afraid of losing texture in case of your sink. These sinks are not only available in varied colours which will match your kitchen’s generalised colour but they are also scratch and impact resistant.


  • Some may have a great view outside their kitchen which becomes a plus point as it adds to the minimalist beauty of your kitchen but some may not have. So, if you are among the former one then you must take advantage of the same. It will be the best thing to do if you implement wide angled windows. This will bring more natural light to your kitchen and will give a bright look to the interiors of the same. If you are having a whitish texture to your kitchen then it’s an added advantage, because glossy/polished white surface reflects light. Install worktops of Silestone classic white slabs – under mythology series to enhance the elegance of your kitchen. The pearl jasmine modern kitchen interiors made up of Silestone by Silestone UK will be the one which will add up to your minimalistic and bright look to it.

silestone classic whiteSilestone Classic White offers an off-white shade, making it a great option for minimalist interiors


  • Construct a contemporary kitchen décor: To make the look of your kitchen effortlessly stylish, you should be working on the flooring and also the size of the windows. If you are looking to install tiles in your kitchen, then install ceramic tiles which have a classy look and also easy to clean; look for the ones which are according to the area and which won’t break by small impacts. Minimalism will only fit into place if your windows are properly decorated with dark coloured and small curtains. It will be better if you add two to three small thorns and grow inside your kitchen placing on the free space of your slab (provided that your kitchen space is big). Use a grey tint to your kitchen slab which will be in contrast to your surroundings. To bring a more contemporary look, one needs to check twice about what kind of Kitchen Island he/she is going to install. Not only the texture of the slab that the kitchen island possesses but also its size (according to his /her kitchen space) that matters. One will want storage if the room lacks space for the cabinet. Everything has to be considered to bring the trendy look.


  • For the ones having a very small kitchen: If you agonise about the small size of your kitchen, then you must make it more vibrant to overcome your feeling. As you won’t be having enough space to install a classic kitchen island, you have to utilise every corner of the room. To optimise the storage, you have to set the floor and ceiling cabinets accordingly. Use ceramic tiles which will be the best thing to do as stains are a regular problem. Use splashbacks which are also made of tiles. It will be the best thing to do if you opt for Silestone kensho –under Zen series which will add a polished grey tint to your small kitchen. They are available in varied thickness; hence pick the one which best suites according to your kitchen flooring or work table. The interior designer must be already working on the type of lighting he/she is going to install in your kitchen because it matters a lot for the ones with less space. Look for the space you are giving to the seating arena. Make a simple bar-seating option and implement the counter overhang style which will provide space to place the chairs underneath when not in use.

Silestone kensho

Silestone Kensho offers a taupe coloured surface which is easy to combine with minimalistic designs


  • When one is planning for a U-shaped kitchen: Its said to be one of the most efficient and useful planning. It doesn’t require a kitchen island as all the work is done on the worktable. Hence, an elegant look to your worktable has to be given. As you are looking for the implementation of Silestone at your cooking area, then Silestone Iconic White slabs will be perfect. Talking about the nature of windows in this situation, glass windows help to deluge the space with natural light. A contrast between tiled flooring and a classic wall décor will make the space look elegant.

silestone iconic white worktopsSilestone Iconic White offers a bright white colour surface, inspiring minimalism on a blank canvas that can be combined with any design


To wrap up all the above ideas that you have gone through, it comes to the conclusion that simplicity is the key that compliments minimalism. Space management can be done by your interior designer but the colour you are going to give totally depends upon you. It’s a true fact that lighting and colour both maintain a balance between the work we do (i.e. in the kitchen) and peace of mind. A vibrant look will keep you energise even when you apply them to your small sitting chairs or to your kitchen table.

Minimalism is achieved at that point of time inside your kitchen when you have settled your items which are frequently used. You obviously don’t want the huge container of rice to be placed outside somewhere where it is basically not necessary or you don’t want to place your kitchen knife inside the self. Hence, the management of your kitchen items has to be at the next level. When it comes to purchasing of a kitchen island for your kitchen space, look for the ones which are not only having a beautiful look to it but also giving you enough space inside where you can keep your dishes or something of that kind in an organised manner.