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Choosing the Right Material for Worktops

Budget, durability, aesthetics, ease of availability and maintenance are the fey factors to be considered when deciding materials for kitchen worktops. Every material has its own pros and cons, but My Kitchen Worktop, one of the leading marble supplier in London state that there are a few materials that have relatively very few problems, and these can be chosen in good faith for countertops.

One of these materials is Granite, and the use of granite for worktops raises the overall aesthetic appeal of the kitchen. The price is a constraint if you are working within a limited budget, but it is a safe investment since it adds to the overall intrinsic value of the house.
Granite is available generally all over the world with relative ease, and can be used in other places around the house like furniture tops, bathroom counters, etc to add an air of elegance to homes.

Equally preferred is the engineered version of granite worktops, which is called Quartz, which has almost the same durability and resilience, and is resistant to steam and heat. Cleaning quartz worktops is very simple; they can just be wiped down with a damp cloth to make them sparkling clean.
Both these materials are equally versatile and durable, and are also available in a wide range of colours, patterns and textures. More consistency is seen in the design and colour of Quartz as it is an engineered material.

Worktops made of Compac quartz UK look excellent in large kitchens, adding an element of class and style to otherwise non-descript designs. Contact My Kitchen Worktop, the leading marble supplier London and check out more details about Compac quartz UK on / to get that right worktop for your perfect kitchen.