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Compac: The Ultimate Worktop Material for Your Kitchen

One of the biggest issues in our kitchens is the maintenance of the kitchen worktop material.

Marble, granite, quartzite or whatever else is used for this purpose; you always end up with some issue or the other. Some of these natural stones may be brittle; some others may be porous, while some may simply not look good enough. This requirement for beauty and durability at an affordable price led to the development of engineered quartz worktops. These are available in various hues, types and finishes. Compac quartz worktops are one of such interesting variety amongst these materials.

compac ice concrete worktops
Compac Ice Concrete Quartz Worktops

Compac quartz worktops are made mostly of pure natural quartz although these are fortified with top quality resin and some other elements which make it extremely sturdy and resilient to external pressure and heat. Moreover, by ingraining various pigments, as many as 72 different hues and colours have been developed for the Compac range of engineered quartz for worktops.

So, there is no dearth of shades if you are very particular about the look and feel of your kitchen apart from areas such as a utility room. There are also a wide range of options in terms of finishes and texture. You can choose a very shiny, polished smooth surface, a Silk finish if a slight sheen is preferred or Glace finish if you prefer a with matte finish.

What is more important here is that these worktops are extremely resilient to cracks, stains and scratches which is one of the main performance aspects to take into consideration to have in a kitchen worktop application or high traffic areas where such things can always occur.

Compac, the Surfaces Company has also developed a Bio resin which is made from vegetable resins rather than polymer ones. This ensures the material used for a kitchen granite worktop is not only very resilient but provides the assurance that the product has been made with care of the environment in mind.

The resin embedded in engineered quartz products keeps the material intact from within and prevents it from disintegrating. In fact, it is so strong that it can survive extreme temperature, making it highly resistant to both heat and cold environments.

For example, even if boiled water is spilled or drop a hot pressure cooker, it would sustain the blow. Due to such qualities, engineered quartz worktops have become increasingly popular during the last couple of decades as they offer excellent value for money.

If you think that the slabs can come into contact with extreme temperature and mechanical pressure, you can choose a 30mm thick quartz slab option.

In short, the Compac quartz range of engineered stones may be the one stop solution to all your kitchen needs.