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Cool Options for Your Kitchen Worktops

Renovating a kitchen is no easy job; it takes a lot of imagination and creativity along with the ability to give the kitchen its best look. While you may be motivated to bring the old kitchen down to replace it with a new one, a lot of homework will be required in order to make your kitchen look more settled and neat. But you should remember that your kitchen is one of the most important portions of your house and it may be a good thing to work a little bit on its design in order to avoid potential risk of having to spend long hours inside a stuffy kitchen.

Once you had some time to draw a proper plan for your kitchen, some of the things that you may have to look into are the use of space, lighting arrangement, colour and paints, cabinets, worktops and splashbacks.

While the markets are overflowing with different materials that can be used for kitchen worktops, granite worktops and quartz are always in demand due to their durability and beauty. Silestone slabs are in much demand for use in kitchens and bathrooms as they are durable, shiny, smooth and unique.

While granite has a naturally smooth and even look, Silestone, a compound made from quartz, comes both polished and non-polished finishes. It is a brand of quartz slabs that come in various varieties and colours. Due to the availability of tonnes of shades and designs, you won’t have to look too far for the perfect colour and design that would match your kitchen cabinets and walls.

Silestone slabs are also used in bathrooms as they are heat, scratch and abrasion resistant. The above qualities make Silestone perfect for kitchen worktops that have to suffer spills and scratches on a daily basis.

Being one of the toughest materials on earth, quartz proves a worthy material to be installed onto the kitchen countertop as it can bear the weight of heavy appliances pretty easily.

As previously mentioned, Silestone comes in various designs (being a compound of quartz which is a natural rock) and colours such as Silestone Niebla, Silestone Lagoon, Silestone Blanco Zeus Extreme, Silestone Rougui, Silestone Lyra…. the list goes on.

Silestone Niebla Kitchen quartz
Silestone-Niebla Kitchen quartz close-up image

Rest assured that the design you choose for your own kitchen won’t match with any other design as each is unique in its beauty and grandeur. As worktops are one of the most exposed areas in a kitchen, a well-matched worktop will bring instant glamour and elegance to the entire look of the kitchen and will give it added beauty and grace.