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Designing and Ordering New Kitchens made easy with Howdens

Renovating a kitchen is a cumbersome task that requires quite a bit of planning. While some of us may have everything planned out in advance, others may not have a fair idea on where to start when redesigning or renovating their kitchen. Hopefully, this post will shed some light on the various steps that go into designing and ordering a kitchen from a reputed brand like Howdens.

Step 1: Choose your brand

It is important to choose a trusted brand or company to order your kitchen from. Howdens kitchen countertops are known for their quality and come in a wide range of modern designs. Besides, their affordability and the presence of an expert kitchen designer to make sure there is minimal room for errors when you design and order your kitchen.

Step 2: Budget the Kitchen right

It may get tricky to keep proper track of all the expenditures involved in designing and ordering a new kitchen. Experts recommend the use of a budget spreadsheet to keep a track on the estimates, as well as the expenditures and savings. This lets you keep a proper track of every penny that went into designing and ordering your kitchen.

Step 3: Get accurate measurements and scale drawings

If the space for your new kitchen is already laid out, all you need to do is take measurements and scale drawings of the available space and provide the same to the kitchen manufacturer. However, if the space for the kitchen is still unknown and in the planning phase (under construction), you will need to ask your architect to provide scale drawings of the kitchen, which would also include details about the plumbing pipes, Howdens worktops and spaces for the dishwasher and other kitchen countertop appliances. These drawings can be handed over to the kitchen designer to plan out your new kitchen properly.

Step 4: Choose your kitchen style

Pore through online websites and home improvement catalogues to finalize the kitchen style that you like the most. Keep in mind factors like available space, functionality and the complementing home interior décor while doing so.

Step 5: Call for consultations

Start calling for quotations from kitchen design specialists or consultants. Narrow down your choices and choose a few designers to offer a home consultation. For instance, Howdens sends expert designers for consultations to discuss the different details that would go into designing a kitchen based on available space. It pays to get at least a few quotes, as this will help you choose the manufacturer/designer who will offer you the best value for money for the kitchen design.

Step 6: Receive estimates and samples and order

The next step involves receiving the estimates for your design, as well as the samples, of the colours you have chosen. This is followed by the kitchen designers showing you a miniature or digital version of how your kitchen will look like in real life. Once you finalize the design, the final measurements will be taken and the design project will start. The final step involves fitting your kitchen into place and enjoying its beauty and functionality for many years to come.