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Excellent Minimalist Kitchen Ideas for Silestone Worktops

The kitchen of a home defines the thoughts and taste of the owner. The kitchen is the most important space in the home, where the day begins and ends. This is why the homeowners dedicate their time to concentrate more on some excellent minimalist kitchen ideas.

Elegant minimalist ideas will be the best for a contemporary kitchen design and may find optimum use of the space available. These designs come from the eminent minds in the interior décor experts. The majority of households find these designs absolutely plush for the eclectic kitchen plans. All these ideas include Silestone worktops to add a luxurious factor to the kitchen.

Excellent Minimalist Kitchen Ideas: Choose the One that Fits you Best

When a certain space is stripped of the unnecessary things, it becomes a minimalist space. A kitchen with less cluttering and more space is an ideal choice for a modern household.

  • White Kitchen and Black Worktop

Black kitchen worktop, white cabinets, white appliances and even a white utility compartment are what you need for finding excellent minimalist kitchen ideas. The ideal choice to go for the kitchen worktop is Silestone Black, the iconic colour of the brand. The pitch black worktop surface will escalate the beautiful attributes of the minimalist kitchen such as the simple cabinets, splashback, etc. 

  • Entirely White

White floor and the white kitchen with a minimum amount of accessories on the worktop are what you are looking for. Add Silestone Blanco Zeus or Silestone Classic White worktop surface to match the white ambiance of the plan and add a cohesive sense to the interior. Use perfectly white tone in quartz worktops from the brand and design a remarkable kitchen space.

Minimalist and Impressive Silestone Blanco Zeus Kitchen Island

Silestone Blanco Zeus

Silestone Classic White

Excellent Silestone Classic White Kitchen idea


  • Concrete design

The latest fad of the homeowners is to add a neutral yet dull colour to the kitchen. They adopt this kitchen plan to accentuate the other features of a kitchen prominently and to achieve one of the most excellent minimalist kitchen ideas. For instance, using Silestone Kensho worktop surfaces will offer a mild to medium grey tinge with a grainy matte finish. This worktop pattern is ideal for a minimalist design. White cabinets and splashback will be very compatible with this choice.

Silestone Kensho Kitchen Design

Silestone Kensho

  • Dull or milky white kitchen interior

Darker cabinet and base colour with a dull white worktop work like a charm for a kitchen with minimal features. The island in front of the open kitchen with the same tone will make it more beautiful. Use Silestone Miami White for a minimalist touch on the kitchen worktop surface. You can use navy blue or graphite black colour for the cabinets to accentuate the worktop features.

  • Earthy worthy

The natural taupe or plain earthy worktop colour with a yellow splashback and wooden floor are what comprise a dream kitchen. Silestone Rougui Quartz worktop surfaces offer an earthy touch to any kitchen design. You can choose the elegant taupe quartz splashback from the renowned brand to convert your dream kitchen into reality. Use internal lighting for a better contrast. Not only Silestone Rougui is highly resistant to heat and stains, but it is also very easy to clean and to care for. This will make for one of the excellent minimalist kitchen ideas for Silestone Worktops.

Minimalist Silestone Rougui


Silestone UK is the leading brand in manufacturing engineered quartz stone surface for households and commercial kitchen worktops. The elegant product line from this brand will ensure that you only get the most excellent minimalist kitchen ideas for you to enjoy.