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How to Care for Ceramic and Porcelain Kitchen Worktops?

My Kitchen Worktop is a popular stone surface provider in the UK. The Company offers an extensive range of natural and manmade materials including marble, granite worktops, quartz, Neolith, Dekton, Ceralsio, and more. They work with interior designers and architects, property developers and homeowners to create some of the most exquisite designs for both residential and commercial properties. Staircases and steps, vanity tops, flooring and wall are only a few services that the reliable supplier offers to all its clientele.

With the increasing popularity of ceramic and porcelain kitchen worktops in the UK, experts from the company talked about how homeowners can care for their worktops at a recent event.

“When compared to many other kitchen worktop materials, ceramic and porcelain have minimum care and maintenance requirements. These materials are highly resistant to scratches, stains, are totally impermeable and versatile. Further to this, brands such as Neolith and Dekton have further enhanced their physical properties to reduce the maintenance requirements further. This is in fact why customers choose this material for their kitchen worktops. These surfaces do not require any harsh cleaners. In fact, most manufacturers advise not to use harsh cleaners as such cleaners can damage the material. A lot of cleaning products also contain hydrofluoric acid which too can damage ceramic and porcelain.” says an expert from My Kitchen Worktop.

Porcelain and ceramic are not only ideal for kitchen worktops but also a host of other applications like outdoor/indoor wall cladding, splashbacks, barbeques, garden table tops and even floorings. Brands like Ceralsio and a few others offer these materials in many different colours and finishes to ensure homeowners can find the perfect material for their home. When it comes to the daily cleaning, the experts suggest that any non-abrasive cloth is ideal for ceramic and porcelain.

The expert from the Company continues, “For daily cleaning, just a damp microfiber cloth is adequate. For deeper cleaning, a neutral liquid cleaner is the best choice. If there are any stubborn marks on the surface, a slightly more abrasive sponge can be used. However, one should avoid using sponges that are too rough. They can be used with stain removers that are exclusively created for such applications. Also, while these materials are resistant to stains, any spills like coffee, wine, or tea should be wiped as soon as possible to make sure that it retains its solid and beautiful appearance.”

Homeowners planning to buy ceramic or porcelain kitchen worktop can make a note of these tips from stone experts. Interested buyers can also visit My Kitchen Worktop website to browse the extensive range of solid surface materials offered by the Company. With consultation, affordable pricing, world class stonemasons and technicians for all type of stone surfaces, My Kitchen Worktop ensures that the whole process of installing new kitchen worktop is quick and hassle-free.

About My Kitchen Worktop

My Kitchen Worktop is a London-based worktop specialist provider which is very popular for its extensive range of natural and manmade materials that it offers. The Company is a one-stop solution for people looking to buy marble worktops, quartz worktops and Dekton countertop surfaces among other products. It also offers consultation and installation services. With an experienced team made up of project managers and skilled craftsman, the company aims to transform the way solid surfaces are purchased by making the whole process convenient, easy and quick.