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How to Deep Clean Terrazzo Floors Quickly

It is very common to choose terrazzo floors for houses or buildings, and the reason why is very simple – they are available everywhere, they are not very expensive, but they are very durable and elegant. This marble chips combined with resin or concrete can be a fantastic worktop or flooring material. So, in those days when you are in a real rush, but you want to take care of your house, you may ask yourself how to deep clean terrazzo floors quickly. Let’s discover how.

Steps to Deep Clean your Terrazzo Floors Quickly

We are going to explain here how to deep clean your terrazzo worktops or floors fast. Nevertheless, in the next section we will also give you some top tips in order to take care of the terrazzo – they will help you to deep clean it and keep it new.

1. Sweep the Floor

First of all, it is essential to sweep the floor. By doing this, you will remove crumbs, dirt, debris or even the grit tracked into your house or building all along the day. 

This step may not seem important, but the grit can act as an abrasive on your floor and therefore damage it permanently. So, as the grit and the dirt will not go away just by wet moping, it is important to firstly sweep or dry mop your floor.

2. Wet Mop the Terrazzo

The second step is to wet the terrazzo surface. For this, we recommend you to use a bit of neutral cleaner diluted in water, preferably warm water.

You should avoid aggressive scrubbing pads and these two types of cleaners. On the one hand, waxes and all-purpose cleaners which contain harmful alkali, acids or water-soluble inorganic or crystallizing, as these will damage your floor and/or your worktop. On the other hand, oil-based stain remover or cleaner, because oil products can discolour terrazzo flooring or worktops in a permanent way. This is why we recommend you neutral cleaner diluted in warm water, especially products with a neutral pH level.

If you have never used that specific product before on your terrazzo, we highly recommend you to test it on a small area, like a corner or a part that is not very visible, to check for damages or discolouration. Try this before, even if the product is terrazzo specific.

Do Not Let Dry and Rinse

Even if it is important to leave the cleaner some minutes to dissolve the dirt, do not let the terrazzo dry, as the cleaner and the remaining dirt and dust will dry back onto it. For this, it is recommended to having wet mopped with a great quantity of water.

After a few minutes, rinse the surface thoroughly only with clean water. Make sure the mope is rinsed after having used the product, otherwise, as we have just explained, it will remain on the surface and the dirt will get back to it. Depending on how dirty it is, you should repeat this step more than once.

Tips to Help you Deep Clean Terrazzo Floors Quickly 

Try to do this regularly to make it easier to clean and to avoid using great amounts of product at a time, which risks damaging the terrazzo floor or worktop. It can be helpful to establish a regular schedule to avoid this and build-up of dirt on your floor. Furthermore, if a stain appears on the surface, regular cleaning will avoid the stain to fix on it and will help to remove it easily.

Now that you have learned how to clean in a quick and careful way your terrazzo floor. If your terrazzo is already damaged, you should probably get a new one. This time, you will be able to take care of it properly, so it will be like a new start. Check out our website My Kitchen Worktop to get inspiration.