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Terrazzo Worktops for Kitchens, Bathroom & Flooring


Terrazzo, also known as 'pre-cast' Terrazzo, is a composite stone. 'Pre-cast' refers to the casting of an object outside the construction site, thereby allowing its formation under controlled conditions. This is done with the Terrazzo slabs to ensure that the products match up to industry standards. Being a 'composite', it is the product of mixing two or more selective materials for a desirable blend. This blend births an engineered product that boasts of enhanced characteristics when compared to natural stone.

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Culturally Rich

The Terrazzo look originated in 18th century Italy, but they're also other precedents that go back as far as the Egyptian civilisation. Italian craftsmen juxtaposed the chunks of slabs in a base to create Terrazzo stone and marble. Traditionally adjoined by glue or mortar, this art was brought to finish after polishing its surfaces. Today this craft is brought to your kitchen, bathroom and floors: a terrazzo worktop, terrazzo tiles or a terrazzo countertop will make your interiors a touch richer.

Understanding Terrazzo

In order to make a terrazzo worktop or a terrazzo bathroom countertop, manufacturers create pre-cast slabs that are a result of mixing natural stones such as marble, granite, and limestone. This is done to achieve an artistic blend of the selected materials. It is essential for them to maintain that natural look and feel of the stones they were made from, which has been the practice since they first built them on a base in Italy. The performance gained by this amalgamation of selected stones makes Terrazzo one of the most high-performance flooring materials today, and that is the reason why terrazzo floor tiles in the UK are so in demand. Naturally, the permutations and combinations that the artisans are afforded, thanks to the variety in stone options, means many unique slab and tiles designs to choose from when designing a terrazzo kitchen worktop. The wide availability of materials, their own individual colour variations, and multiple finish options guarantee a plethora of styles to choose from.

Applications of Terrazzo

Are you looking for a terrazzo worktop in UK? Or maybe for some terrazzo floor tiles? Well, first, and given the way that this material is constructed, it'd be amiss to not speak of how one needs to care for it. Terrazzo floor tiles have easier maintenance regimes than most. Neutral cleaners (neither acidic nor alkaline) are enough for the daily maintenance of typical Terrazzo interiors like the floor tiles, while the usual infrequent buffing can restore its shine. This makes it a prudent choice for almost all kinds of interior design. The ease of retaining the fresh look of a natural stone allows for a wealth of options, especially ones that would suit the interiors of a rustic home, so a terrazzo worktop would certainly fit in the UK.

Typical pre-cast terrazzo countertops in the UK cover an area that approximates to 4.5 square meters, so you could consider inlaying these right alongside the circumference of an outdoor pool for a touch of 'the wild.' Kitchen contemporary styles are returning with the terrazzo splashback designs, a prized selection of which would offer you the possibility of creating seamless panels and terrazzo worktops with minimalist looks, among other modern ways to fit terrazzo countertops in your home.

Since terrazzo marble worktop materials are suitable for both indoors and outdoors, it makes them an ideal choice for many applications. These can range from tabletops to furniture pieces, vanity tops to terrazzo floor tiles, staircases to steps and handrails, fireplace surrounds to lounge patterns and even foyers to external facades.

Choose a terrazzo worktop, terrazzo floor tiles, a terrazzo splashback or a terrazzo bathroom countertop from our selection at My Kitchen Worktop, and get home a winner! Find a diverse range of spectacular quartz worktops, marble worktops, and much more from the best repository of kitchen worktops online.

What are the applications where a terrazzo worktop can be used?

  • Homes and Apartments: the most common use of a terrazzo worktop or terrazzo floor tiles is at homes. Since terrazzo is customizable, homeowners can use it in their kitchen, living room or bathroom.
  • Schools and Universities: terrazzo can also be used in the construction of school buildings to create a lively and engaging environment. Besides flooring, it can be used to create impressive staircases and walls in a school.
  • Hospitals and Healthcare Centres: terrazzo is also used in creating sanitary and cleaner flooring in hospitals and healthcare centres. This is because terrazzo countertops are minimally porous when made from engineered marble, vs. natural marble. When it comes to quartz-based terrazzo worktops, there is practically zero porosity, which helps to avoid the proliferation of bacteria.
  • Offices: the first impression is significant for any business. Therefore, corporate headquarters need to create an inviting and calming environment indoors. Terrazzo floors tiles or a terrazzo worktop for reception desks are ideal office installations to create a welcoming milieu with a positive impact on the surroundings.
  • Swimming pools: terrazzo countertops and terrazzo floor tiles are also great for creating swimming pool surrounds.
  • Outdoor furniture: terrazzo can also be used for creating outdoor furniture pieces for a patio or backyard.

What size options of terrazzo countertops are available in the market?

If you pick a terrazzo worktop, terrazzo floor tiles or a terrazzo splashback for your home, they are likely to elevate the look of any available space while adding value to the modern dwelling. Therefore, it is best to invest in a gorgeous terrazzo worktop, along with natural granite, marble or other natural stone worktops, for exciting design contrast or create a monotone look.


However, terrazzo worktops are available in various sizes, finishes and thicknesses. The standard terrazzo worktop slab ranges in sizes from 3000x1230 mm to 3185x1550 mm, depending on its type. The terrazzo slab itself is available in 20 mm and 30 mm thicknesses and usually installed on a one 1/2-inch-thick mortar bed. These options allow you to buy custom terrazzo countertops.

On the other hand, terrazzo tiles suppliers in UK offer standard 600x600 mm, 600x400 mm and 600x300 mm sizes. However, these tiles can also be customized as per the requirement of a homeowner or interior designer. Using terrazzo tiles in any desired design, colour or finish, you can enhance the look of any given space. At My Kitchen Worktop, we are one of the biggest terrazzo tiles suppliers in the UK, and we offer the largest range of terrazzo worktop materials in the country.

Which one is better: terrazzo worktop or terrazzo floor tiles?

Terrazzo is an excellent material available as a worktop surface and tiles. While large worktop slabs are ideal for covering large flooring areas, tiles can be the right option for interior and exterior applications.


Both terrazzo countertops and tiles are made by integrating granite, marble, quartz or glass chips in cement binder to sustain the aesthetic appeal of the non-cement additive. It further helps in attaining the look that’s as stunning as ceramic tiles or pure stone.


When comparing a terrazzo worktop with tiles, tiles are considered better options because they can be used in different indoor and outdoor applications. The terrazzo tiles are manufactured by combining different elements to create various colours and designs to match with any project, including official seals, decorative designs, flooring, and many other projects.


On a functional level, both terrazzo countertops and terrazzo floor tiles are exceptionally durable. Once sealed, these surfaces can resist stains and water damage. Furthermore, it doesn’t chip like any other tile material. In case it gets worn down, it can be polished or re-finished to appear new again.

Are Terrazzo Worktops like Quartz, Marble and Granite?

Yes and no. Terrazzo can be a better material for floorings since terrazzo tiles generally carry lower prices than those of quartz, marble, and granite, whilst providing similar performance features. For, this composite material boasts the durability of marble and strength of concrete. Boasting the advantages of natural and man-made stones, terrazzo is not prone to chipping or cracking, which is commonly seen in natural such as marble or limestone.


A terrazzo worktop or terrazzo floor tiles that are quartz-based, require less maintenance if appropriately installed using proper products and technique. Something similar applies to marble-based terrazzo; however, you need to be careful with heat when using terrazzo marble, as the resin present in worktops can damage when it meets a hot object. In addition, you should take care in avoiding placing acidic substances on marble-based terrazzo, as it may etch its surface. For this reason, may architects and interior designers choose quartz-based terrazzo rather than cement-based or marble-based ones.


Furthermore, terrazzo surfaces offer incredible design flexibility, as it can be used for different surfaces in a home: a terrazzo bathroom countertop, a terrazzo kitchen worktop, a terrazzo laminated countertop, etc. Plus, the methods of installation, colour options and designs available for terrazzo worktops are endless. There is much to learn about this material, but at My Kitchen Worktop we are experts in this material, and we can teach you everything you need to know about your terrazzo worktop.

How much does a terrazzo countertop cost?

Terrazzo countertops many times are marble-based and for this reason costs are like those of economical natural marble. Terrazzo stones that are quartz based, carry similar prices to quartz worktops of Price Groups 1 or 2, which are the most economical.


Usually, the cost of terrazzo countertops depends on the type. Marble-based worktops will start from £1590+vat. Quartz-based Terrazzo worktops costs start from £1641+vat. Cement-Based terrazzo worktop prices start at £1990+vat. These prices include the template, supply, and installation of your terrazzo worktop (the total supply and service).


Final prices will depend upon the size of the area that requires terrazzo surfaces and on the colour, brand and thickness of the terrazzo worktop required.

What are the Modern Ways to fit Terrazzo Worktops in Your Home?

Recently, terrazzo has gained popularity for its use in other areas other than flooring. It is also used to make aesthetic and functional terrazzo kitchen worktops, a terrazzo splashback, a terrazzo bathroom countertop, etc.


You can use this stone in various modern ways to spruce up your interior decor. Here are some unique ways to use terrazzo in your house:


  • Terrazzo on walls: Whether it’s kitchen or bathroom, you can install terrazzo material to create stylish walls to give a whimsical vibe to your living space. From bold terrazzo white to subtle hues, there are various colour options to spurs-up your terrazzo walls.
  • Stylish bar: besides the kitchen countertop, this material can also be used for creating an elegant terrazzo worktop for your bar. You can give it a try by creating a fancy home bar in your house.
  • Bathroom countertop: you can also make a stylish terrazzo bathroom countertop or a vanity top, along with a matching sink/washbasin.
  • Create the monotone look: apart from mix-matching, you can also use a single terrazzo hue to create a modern monotone appearance in your bathroom or kitchen.

Where to buy terrazzo countertops?

At My Kitchen Worktop, we are terrazzo worktop and terrazzo tiles supplier for the UK. We offer a wide variety of types and colours, from black terrazzo countertops through pink terrazzo slabs to taurus terrazzo grey. Take a look at our online catalogue and find the perfect terrazzo worktop for your kitchen, bathroom or flooring.