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Granite Worktops: How to Ensure Your Space is Ready to Receive Stone

When working on several projects, it is essential operations run smooth and delays are avoided. Since stone is usually one of the last items to be delivered to any space, we complied a list of key points to ensure a quick turnaround when it comes to granite, marble, quartz or any other stone: 1) The cabinets should be in place, fixed to the wall and level: This will avoid the risk of cracks on the stone further down the line. Stone usually cracks by supporting its own weight rather than being supported by cabinets and/or units. Kitchen units

2) Ensure appliances are on site and disconnected: this is so that the granite supplier can accurately measure up and ensure the cut outs for these are the right size. Some appliances have a lip that covers the edge of the stone but others don't and need a piece of stone to cover the back. Diagrams on technical manuals are incorrect quite often.

kitchen appliances disconnected

3) If old worktops need removing: make sure you make arrangements prior to the arrival of the stone templaters. Most stone companies don't remove old worktops due to associated risks and damages to existing units and furniture. 4) Units on top of the worktops: Should be fixed after the new granite is in place to ensure these will be able to slide under.

Granite worktops

5) Plastering of walls: plastering should take place before or after the granite worktops are installed.


6) Backsplashes and tiles: should be installed after the granite worktops are in place. This will avoid wide gaps or more silicone than necessary.

Granite worktops labradorite

7) Space for big pieces: most stone measuring over 2 square meters will weigh at least 250-300 kg. This will require at least 4 people to be handled in an appropriate, safe manner. In the below example, a team of 11 is needed to handle a countertop measuring around 4.8x1.5 meters.


8) Don't make alterations after template: this is because the manufacturing is based on the taken template at the time of the stone supplier's visit. 9) Plywood/support for undermount sinks: if using an undermount sink, plywood should be recessed in the cabinet so the weight of the sink is supported. If cabinets aren't present, cleats and/or battens can be used for support.

quartz kitchen worktops

10) Authorized person on site: probably the most important aspect for a smooth operation. An authorized person should be present during template and installation: so details such as drainers, edges and grooves can be agreed as it is not possible to make changes after template has taken place.