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How to Get an Ultimate Kitchen in 2018? Checkout these Tips!

Traditionally designed kitchens are classy but they can sometimes become downright boring. The contemporary home-maker is always on the lookout to make their kitchens trendy and functional. Let’s take a look at some of the trending ideas on how you can make your kitchen more attractive and functional. In 2018, kitchens have a much different role, it is the main focal point of the house and people invest a lot to have what we call these days, a smart kitchen. With advanced technologies and changing society, there has been a rise in different trends for re-modelling kitchens. Here are a few tips or rather a guide to have an ultimate kitchen in 2018:

  • Smartphones? Smarter kitchens: Kitchens these days come fully equipped with lots of fancy gadgets, integrated functions and the likes! From the fridge to the lighting everything can be controlled by the user remotely and can be customized according to their needs. Technology infused kitchens are one of the most popular trends in 2018.

Silestone Daria Integrity Sink

  • Choosing the right colours: A recent survey has pointed out that white is the most preferred colour among people for their kitchens. These days, the most preferred kitchen splashback, kitchen upstands, kitchen island and kitchen worktops are to be of neutral colours and white is always the first option. Although, people have chosen to go towards grey and dark colours as well. The colour palette which is surely making a comeback in the scene is dark jewel tones!

Silestone Blanco ZeusThe above image shows Silestone Quartz worktops with integrated sink and smart appliances

  • Designs, materials and textures: The old school designs and styles are still prevalent but the new age homeowners want to have an aesthetic space for themselves. Better cabinets are put up which don’t block out head space. This enables the countertop to be used effectively. Textured floors like natural stone are preferred mostly. Also, there is a strong urban industrial trend. It is inspired from the loft-culture in New York, which mixes minimalism with industrial features and materials. When it comes to work surfaces, the leading manufacturers of man-made materials have come a very long way in creating concrete effect worktops.

caesarstone rugged concrete quartz kitchen worktopsThe above image shows Caesarstone Rugged Concrete quartz worktops

  • Quartz rules: For high-end kitchen countertops, quartz is still the ruling king. Quartz as a materials are extremely tough and can last for a really long time. Apart from a quartz countertop, marble countertops and granite worktops are also enjoying their fair share of paparazzi from time to time! Out of the other two, granite is the main competitor of quartz.Having said this, despite the fact that natural marble may stain as a kitchen worktop, many clients still choose marble. The reason for this is that real marble is unique and any marks and stains that may occur become part of the material in time. This makes marble even more exclusive and special.

unistone carrara misterio table tops

Unistone Carrara Misterio worktops have become very popular in the UK, as they look like Carrara marble and offer great performance at affordable prices

  • Hardwood or ceramic tiles: Hardwood floors are still popular but ceramic flooring is gradually gaining popularity. Ceramic flooring comes with a huge variety of designs and sizes. The styles that ceramic floors offer are irresistible, to say the least! It surely feeds the aesthetic needs of the modern day homeowners. The reason as to why ceramic tiles have become so popular in 2018 is due to technological advances. The new porcelain and ceramic surface designs can imitate practically any material. This may include wood, marble, concrete and terrazzo.

neolith iron grey tilesThe above image shows Neolith Iron Grey Tiles which bring the beauty of stone with a rusty, metallic feel.

  • Kitchen islands: This is no more an afterthought. A kitchen island has slowly grown to become the main point of attraction in a kitchen. Kitchen islands are used to create an impact. Its design is usually chosen to make a statement. Kitchen islands usually have cabinets with many integrated appliances. It provides a seating area for dinner or can have an open bar like arrangement as well. It ensures that the kitchen could be used as a place capable of performing multiple functions.

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