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How to Maintain a Granite Worktops?

Granite worktops are generally known for their hardness and durability. It is less prone to damages and stains than other materials such as marble although it does not mean that it cannot be affected at all.

Fusion Granite Worktops
Fusion Granite Worktops

In case it does happen, here are a few tips to help in order to ensure the granite worktops do not collect irremovable stains and ruin your entire decor.

Be Gentle

Firstly, it is better to keep things simple. As granite is a strong material, it does not need too much work and nor should you look for too many complex procedures. Use mild detergents or dish cleaning liquids with water to clean anything that falls on the granite countertops. It should work in most situations.

Avoid Acid and Alkali

The biggest enemy of granite is the very powerful acidic or alkaline solutions. Do not use lime juice or baking soda for cleaning granite in any condition. Strong chemicals can wear away the granite surface and ruin its lustre very fast. Even when you purchase cleaning agents from the store, go though the details mention on the wrapper or ask someone at the store to find out if they are too strong for your top. If possible, look for something that has been specifically made for granite.

Act Fast

Granite is less porous compared to marble. Although if you leave stuff like coffee or juices on it for too long, it will end up soaking in regardless. This can also lead to discolouration which is practically a disaster for your decor. Wipe off such spills as soon as you see any of these and wash with water and a mild cleaner without wasting any time.

Seal the Surface

Finally, if you do feel that the granite kitchen worktop requires more protection, seal the surface. Generally a reputable stone supplier should be able to offer such services. In case they cannot do it, you can purchase sealants from the marketplace, looking out for a good brand with reliable and proven track records. Please ensure you do carry out some research and find out what is appropriate in order to take care of granite worktops.