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Granite worktops: Honed vs. Polished

One of the queries frequently posed by discerning buyers is the difference between honed vs. polished granite and which is more suitable to their unique needs. Let’s look at the essential differences between the two.

Star Galaxy honed granite

What is honed granite?

Honed granite worktops attract those who want an old, aged look to their kitchen and don't mind (rather appreciate) if natural flaws show on their stone. Worktops that are honed, vs. polished, usually have a matte finish and a softer texture, that is, they have minimal sheen. The process of manufacturing them is similar to a polished granite worktop, except that during ‘grinding’, the process is ceased before the stone turns shiny. This is how we obtain those beautiful matte black granite worktops. They are suitable for those who want an antiquated look and appreciate a ‘natural’ ambience.

Honed vs. polished granite: what are the differences?

Unpolished granite worktops, as the name suggests, are very noticeably shiny and reflective. The full crystal structure, colour and depth of the stone are visible. This is why the colour of absolute black granite honed vs. polished granite usually appears darker and richer. They look more dramatic as compared to the honed granite, which are more subtly defined.

Is honed granite more difficult to clean?

Worktops that are honed, vs. polished, are more vulnerable to stains and scratches primarily because the lack of polishing exposes the natural fissures in the material, which attracts dirt and grime over a period of time. Polished granite worktops are the preferred variety, because of the finished look and the comparative ease of cleaning them.

Star Galaxy polished worktops are shiny with a glossy mirror finish

Honed vs. polished: which one is more popular?

Polished granite is the most popular choice for granite worktops as these have a deeper tone than honed ones when finishing a room.

Maintenance of polished and honed granite worktops

Although, the process of manufacturing is almost similar and both polished and honed granite are similar in terms of porosity, structure and density of material, worktops that are honed, vs. polished, require a little more effort and maintenance to look impeccable. They are more prone to noticeable stains. Such stains are accentuated more in the lighter shades of honed granite worktops (e.g. in shades like Colonial Dream and Shiva Gold granite which are quarried in India amongst other popular ones such as Star Galaxy granite). 

In this case, in the honed vs. polished granite battle, the polished variety wins. It repels moisture, and is highly impervious to weather elements and chemical damage. Due to a more intense grinding and buffing, the imperfections in the stone are reduced to a significant extent. Moreover, the polished finish seals up the pores and doesn’t allow staining. 

For more detailed information regarding the features of honed vs. polished granite and the right choice for specific tastes, we are available for answering all questions. Just contact us, write to us at [email protected] or call us on 0203 0788912.