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How to rock your kitchen with Superwhite Quartzite Worktops

While designing a new kitchen, most people face a dilemma regarding the worktop, especially in case of the material to be used for this purpose. Traditional choices here are the likes of granite and marble. Marble is generally more brittle. Although it has a classy look, it is not made for high work pressure. Granite is sturdier but does not offer too many options in terms of colour and looks. However, many new choices are floating around the market nowadays. Especially quartzite worktops are a rage but most people do not know what is the difference and why are they becoming popular. There is a reason why they are being used more and more but to understand it, you first need to know what they are.

Super white quartzite
Superwhite Quartzite

Quartzite is in fact a material that is found in nature but is also manufactured artificially for such purposes. The reason why it is popular is because it comes with similar properties as granite but is even harder than the same. So, if you are looking for a very strong and durable worktop that will last long and give you enough value for the money. It is also believed to be better than marble because it is easier to maintain. Marble catches stains easily from all the oil, spices, ketchups and other materials and gets discoloured pretty soon. Quartzine is better in this regard too as it has better resistance to stains and gets cleaned easily without leaving any mark.

Super white quartzite

Now, superwhite quartzite is a special type of quartzite that is becoming very popular. This is because it is not a machine made, artificial quartzite but something that is found in nature and like all things natural, it is of excellent quality. Basically, this material gives you an excellent option as you get something that looks like the marble but at the same time it is even harder than granite worktops. So, you can get the best possible combination of looks and properties through quartzite materials and the only thing you need to know here is the contact of a good dealer who can source the best quality materials.