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Get the correct choice of stone for your Interior and Architectural Designs in minutes with the My Kitchen Worktop app--on Android and Apple IOS" [Interiors]

It usually becomes daunting to unearth mobile app choice out of the diverse varieties that are available to decorators and builders today in the immense world of Google Play and Apple Stores. Whether it concerns a kitchen worktop replacement or selecting a reception desk for an office and beautiful marble floorings, you must have the alternatives of the thousands of different stone types handy in order to be able to make the right decision. This is where the Smartphone technology comes into play by offering smart mobile applications for iOS and Android which also suits tablets and other mobile devices.

In the United Kingdom, My Kitchen Worktop enjoys a great reputation for being an authorized supplier of premium natural stone, engineered stone such as quartz, porcelain and ceramic surfaces. With the My Kitchen Worktop App on Apple iOS and Android, you can seek inspiration on the go while getting the correct choice of stone for your interiors, exteriors and architectural designs within minutes.

My Kitchen Worktop Android and iOS app

How to install and use My Kitchen Worktop app?

The installation is simple and straight forward, you can download this free app via Google Play Store for Android platform or App Store for iPhone and iPad, instantly.

What does the My Kitchen Worktop app offer?

Pretty much, like a face-to-face consultation, this app offers complete support (via email or phone call listed at the bottom) and consultancy service related to each product available for sale at My Kitchen Worktop. It is the most comprehensive library of natural and technological stone products available today in the United Kingdom. At its launch, the app already counts with over 2000 different materials that come in 8 different thicknesses, multiple finishes and thousands of different shades, patterns and colours.

When it comes to projecting ambience, architects and interior designers follow some pre-established metrics, and this is where the My Kitchen Worktop app will come in very handy as it offers detailed information of every product it displays including dimesions of the materials, thicknesses, available finishes, suitable type of applications and even the country of oriing and technical data of each stone in which the user may be interests. Then, just at your fingertips, you can press a button to request free samples, advice and/or information and a quotation including the template, supply and installation of the surfaces which are the interest of the app users and onlookers.

In the case of further enquiries, you will find additional information or technical details of a product in an easily scrolled slider that contains images, description and other relevant sections. You can also assign your product as a favourite by clicking on the 'heart' symbol.

In this interface, you can simply flip back to the homepage or browse through several other mesmerizing surface materials.

You can even tag favourites i.e., create a collage of the best surfaces that you then, will be able access at any time. At the top, you may use the search bar for a particular brand or use keywords, like typing 'kitchen worktops' in the search would list all the applicable surfaces.

Another major advantage is it does not require a registration. You can see surface options from the moment you open it. My Kitchen Worktop app also allows you to request a sample of the surfaces that you have liked.

What would you find at My Kitchen Worktop App?

  • Natural and engineered stone: granite, marble, quartz, onyx, quartzite, sintered porcelain, etc.
  • The most popular brands: Silestone, Caesarstone, Compac, Dekton, Neolith, Cambria, Laminam, Quarella, Zodiaq, Okite, etc.
  • Solid surfaces for residential and commercial applications.
  • Tiles, panels, flooring.
  • Unique collections of colours and exclusive patterns.

The My Kitchen Worktop physical store in London welcomes all clients.

However, if you intend to pay them a visit, you can use this app to make an appointment.