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Is It True CRL Quartz Is Whiter Than White?


Quartz is a beautiful material that’s available in many different styles and colors, including “whiter than white.” It all depends on how it’s manufactured and what colour pigments are used during the production process. You can choose the right type of white for your home using the shades’ pallet given by the stone fabricator.

CRL Quartz is made from various components, such as resin, stone aggregates and colour pigments. Therefore, one white surface can be different from another, depending on where and how it has been manufactured.

Do you remember the TV commercial from the 80s, showing a detergent claiming to leave your white clothes “whiter than white?” While most people think white is white, this ad depicts that some whites are certainly whiter than others. And this is not the case when you’re putting a load in your washing machine. It works the same way for kitchen surfaces too, especially when we are considering quartz.

Best Form Of White Quartz

Usually, quartz is clear and bears a greyish colour. It also has a lot of impurities that when blended with resin, can form a white shade, which won’t pass the Persil test. It makes it complicated to create a white quartz surface.

However, some manufacturers claim to offer the finest quality whitest quartz. If we talk specifically about the CRL Quartz Surfaces, these are manufactured near the site where natural pure quartz is quarried. This is the very first step to create Ultra-white surface. The secret also lies in the way it’s produced, as quartz must be grounded into a very fine powder. It gives a consistency to form a completely white colour without any blemishes of resin. That’s how the whitest of white is achieved.

Different Shades of White for Kitchen Worktop

Keeping in mind the manufacturing of the “whitest white” surfaces, CRL Quartz Worktops can be developed in a range of whites. Different shades of white worktops have different variations compared to others. Interior designers select the best shade of white they would like to use for a specific look. They can choose a shade of white for the best-contrasting aesthetics to go with flooring or cabinets or to match the white used in other parts of a kitchen.

CRL Quartz Worktops

CRL Stone offers no less than six different shades of whites for kitchen worktops. Moreover, you get an option to get the perfect white with marble veins. This way, you can give a marble-like finish to your kitchen surfaces without having to bear the issues associated with the natural stone. Starting with the whitest of whitest, ‘CRL Ultra White quartz, Pura White and CRL Ice; to the white marble-effect designs that include popular colours such as CRL Verona, and CRL Statuario Bianco; there is something special for any project.

Now clients, architects and designers can spruce up kitchen space using the perfect type of white depending on individual preference or interior style. So, what do you think about the quartz that’s “whiter than white?” Would you like to install whitest quartz surface in your contemporary home or be happy with any regular shade of white?

The latest edition of CRL Stone Quartz is also going to include more listings and varieties than ever before. This means the UK’s quartz quarries, wholesalers, stonemasons and equipment, as well as service providers, will be offering a wide range of whites in their collection.