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The Rise of Marble and Quartz as Kitchen Worktop Materials

Marble and quartz are naturally-occurring and man-made minerals respectively and have been in use since ancient times. Due to their durability and aesthetic value, both are are used for industrial as well as non-industrial purposes. Of late, quartz and marble have started replacing the traditional granite slabs in the kitchen. Below are the reasons behind this ever-rising trend:

Hardness: When it comes to toughness and tenacity, both the variants of metamorphic rocks fare quite well. Though marble-made worktops require a little extra care as compared to their quartz variants, they are less rock-solid as granite worktops (hence carving of statues in marbles). Similarly, quartz worktops are sturdy enough to take bumps and blows, yet the hardness they offer. Quartz is the third strongest mineral on earth after Diamond and Rubi.

Finish: Thanks to the he hardness of marble, polishing results in an ultra-smooth finish. Similarly, quartz counter -tops too have a remarkably textured finish contributing to its soft touch and luxurious look. Further to this finished can come polished, honed, bush-hammered and flamed.

Colour: Contrary to popular notion, marble is available in a many colours other than the classic white. Various shades of blue, green, coffee brown and few other colors add to the beauty of marble as a worktop material. Coming to varieties of quartz such as Compac , Silestone , Caesarstone, etc, these are available in a wide range of colors such as purple, green, red, yellow, brown , green, golden, black amongst others.

To find best-in-quality marble worktops or quartz worktops in UK, always choose to buy from accredited quartz or marble suppliers in London. They not only offer finest stones but also provide the consumers with up-to the mark installation and after-care services.