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Neolith New Colours 2016

Neolith New Colours 2016 : Neolith Launches new colours and materials in 2016 with groundbreaking effects in the design and architectural worlds by presenting 11 unique materials that evoke the beauty of natural products such as marble and wood.

Neolith's advantage lays in it superior performance and ability to be used both indoors and outdoors as it does not get affected by UV lighting. It is a totally non-porous material that will suit the most demanding applications such as kitchen worktops, floorings, cladding and external surfaces such as steps, stairs and tiles on floorings in patios, balconies and terraces which is unseen in the past with more traditional products such as quartz stone.

Neolith has gained a lot of popularity in recent years by launching Neolith New Colours 2016 with a particular look and feel which are unique to this range of materials made out of a combination of porcelain, ceramic, glass, pure quartz and other natural minerals.

  1) Name: Neolith Calacatta C01Neolith Calacatta 2) Name: Neolith Calacatta C01RNeolith Calacatta C01R 3) Name: Neolith Calacatta Gold CG01Neolith Calacatta gold CG01 4) Name: Neolith Iron BlueNeolith Iron Blue 5) Name: Neolith La Boheme B01Neolith La Boheme B01 6) Name: Neolith La Boheme B02Cosmic White Granite 7) Name: Neolith OnyxNeolith Onyx 8) Name: Neolith Petra Di OssoNeolith Petra Di Osso 9) Name: Neolith Strata ArgentumNeolith Strata Argentum 10) Name: Neolith Travertino ClassicoNeolith Travertino Classico 11) Name: Neolith Travertino NavonaNeolith new colours 2016

Neolith is manufactured by The Size, a Spanish Company with a proven track record in producing both natural and engineered stones and it is distributed in the UK to suppliers such as My Kitchen Worktop who template and install these materials for worktops, floorings and claddings. Neolith comes in thicknesses staring at 3mm and 6mm for cladding and 12mm for worktop usage. Slab sizes start at 3200x1500mm which allows the creation of large focal pieces with an absence of seams and joints. Neolith has won many prestigious awards since its inception and continues to make news in the build and design arena with the launch of unique and exquisite colours intheir collections. Save