Project Highlight: Alphabeta Bar

Aiming to conceptualize on the theories of best practices of working, the Alphabeta building incorporates working spaces that are interactive, playful, encourage encounters as well as offer quiet corners for concentration to improve productivity of the workforce.

The essence of this project is the restoration historical buildings along a stretch to create vibrant working and relaxation spaces that are driven towards sustainable design issues and material and performance maximization.

Design of the Alphabeta building

The project has been designed by Studio RHE ( who has created the perfect office interior spaces with a modern twist set in a decidedly historic architectural fabric. Contemporary features of a high calibre have been integrated into the design; including an atrium cafe with a bar counter that features a Compac quartz worktop from My Kitchen Worktop.

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Furniture and Fittings

The fittings and furniture in the Alphabeta building are wholly contemporary in nature, catering to its commercial purpose and have been manufactured by ISM Designs ( My Kitchen Worktop has worked in association with ISM Designs to design bar countertop in the atrium cafe which is close to 6 meters in length and composed of Compac Quartz Gray Zement in a glace finish, which combines the strength and looks of concrete with a soft feel at touch on a matt finish.



Galliford Try, the FTSE 250 construction and house building group ( are the main contractors for the Alphabeta building project. They have worked on the overall scheme of this building where My Kitchen Worktop has been commissioned to supply the oversized bar counter more than 6 metres in length. The front of the bar is also clad with the same Compac Quartz Gray Zement and covered with a glass panel on each side.

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Compac Quartz Grey Zement

Advantages of Compac Worktops

Compac worktops offer a great variety of colours and varieties within a fairly competitive price range that makes it an appealing material for use in residential as well as commercial projects are countertop and cladding material for bars, kitchens, bathrooms, etc.

Compac quartz is available in various finishes such as Glace, Polished and Ovo finishes. The glace finish Compac quartz has been used in the bar counter of the Alphabeta building as it is very easy to clean and maintain. The design, installation and use of worktops made of Compac quartz in UK and other areas very popular.

At My Kitchen Worktop, we are specialists in providing all ranges of Compac worktops for various surfaces, from the white Quartz kitchen worktops to the black Ama Quartz worktops and various others. Check out our range of materials at and let us know if you had to choose the material for the Alphbeta building bar counter, which would you choose and why?