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Silestone Best Sellers 2015

Composed of a man made mixture of quartz and polyster resin, Silestone is one of the leading countertop materials in the industry, and holds the record for being one of the most durable.

Quartz makes up more than 90% of this composite material, creating one of the most usable products in the market, with a wide range of applications throughout both commercial and residential properties, especially the kitchen and bathroom countertops.

There’s a wide range of colours, textures and patterns to choose from due to the differences in the use of the polymer resin and colouring agents that hold the quartz together in its mix. This offers a wide range of aesthetically pleasing options that will guarantee a perfect match for the design essence of your kitchen and / or bathroom.

It’s a flexible material as well, offering a range of applications such as Silestone kitchen worktops, Silestone bathroom counters, etc. These utilize the visual power of the material to uplift the luxuriousness of the feel of a room through the intrinsic shimmer and sparkle that reflects light beautifully.

Advantages of Silestone Worktops

As it is a man made material, Silestone is crafted to be highly stain resistant and durable, making it one of the toughest amongst kitchen countertop material in London and other places. It also has extremely scratch resistant properties, while being very hard and non-porous and hence doesn’t chip easily.

Easy to clean and maintain with just a quick wipe down with water and soap, Silestone is one of the best performers in the kitchen worktops materials industry.

Maintenance of Silestone Worktops

Another major benefit of installing Silestone kitchen worktops is their ease of cleaning and care. All that is needed to protect the glimmering surface is a gentle wipe down with a soft, natural cloth and cleaning chemicals that are non-abrasive. Because it is non-porous, it does not stain easily and spills can be wiped clean immediately.

However, the shiny surface does attract a lot of stain marks throughout the day; hence it is prudent to wipe down the surfaces more than usual to maintain overall hygiene. Protect the surface against chips and scratches by using cutting boards to chop vegetables, and also protecting it from direct heat by avoidance of hot vessels placement on its surface.

Silestone Bestsellers

Although a wide range of colours is available from Silestone, the most popular choices tend to the subtler variations of the grey colour for use in Silestone Kitchen worktops. These include the Kensho dark gray from the Zen series, the Marengo black from the Basiq series, and the Toffee coloured Silestone from the Basiq series.

Name : Kensho Dark Grey


Name : Marengo black


Name : Toffee coloured 


Check out the entire range of Silestone worktops in London offered by My Kitchen Worktop for use as countertops in kitchens and bathrooms at https://mykitchenworktop.co.uk/ and let us know your favourite amongst the various colours of the Silestone bestsellers in the comments below.