The Most Popular Cimstone Quartz Colours in the UK for 2019

Cimstone has been finding takers aplenty for its mesmerizing beauty and superior technical characteristics

Here’s a list of the most popular Cimstone Quartz colours in the UK for 2019.

If you're looking for countertops for new construction or a remodelling project, feast your eyes on Cimstone, the new interest zone in the countertop space. The manmade quartz-based compound stone is redefining contemporary kitchens with palatable looks, versatility, strength and durability. In fact, Cimstone rivals diamond in structural integrity with 7 Mohs hardness degree. The surface is non-porous, non-absorbent, weatherproof, and resists scratch and stain. The properties emanate from Cimstone’s composition, featuring 7% resin and 93% quartz. 

Cimstone lends itself exceptionally well to wall, flooring, stairs, skirting and kitchen worktops, making it one of the versatile materials available. Featuring a flurry of different pigments, the stone also spoils you for choices in colours, patterns and textures. Plus, seashell, glass, mirror and other additives are easily addable to Cimstone, ensuring compatibility with cabinetry and other kitchen elements. With Cimstone worktops coming in all hues, your curiosity about the most popular colour options for this season must be piqued. Here’s what you need to know.    

Cimstone Nebula:

Cimstone Nebula is taking over kitchens across the UK with a plush white colour exuding elegance. The stone ushers the appeal of a traditional Carrara marble in your kitchen, transforming it into an inviting, contemporary space where life is lived and memories are created. Whether you aspire for a luxurious, all-white kitchen or prefer a two-toned one with white colour as the mainstay, Nebula keeps your requirements covered. Being the Cimstone UK, Nebula features the best technical characteristics for stylish and comfortable living.

Cimstone Nibula

It’s non-porous, sturdy, easy to maintain and offers resistance to temperatures, impact, staining and scratching. You can fetch it in slabs measuring 3200 x 1600mm for large seamless surfaces in bars, bathrooms, vanity tops, lab counters, reception desks, floors, interior wall cladding, stairs, windows sills, tables and more. Cimstone Nebula is available in varying thickness options, ranging from 10mm to 20mm, for both high and low traffic areas.

Cimstone Olympos:

As the best selling countertop material from the Turkish brand, Cimstone, Cimstone Olympos is all set to gain more traction and keep its dominance intact this season. It comes with a rich palette of colours – a white background superimposed by grey veins and opaque shade. The colour combination brings the true elegance of natural marble to the fore and lends a timeless appeal to any contemporary, classic, modern, Scandinavian or minimalistic kitchen. If (in an unlikely scenario) its form fails to impress, the functionality will definitely keep you awe-struck.

Cimstone Olympos

Like all Cimstone UK variants, Olympos is incredibly tough and non-porous and non-absorbent. This means stains, scratches and metal marks are warded off and the surface retains its appeal for long. Since water cannot seep through the surface, complete hygiene is ensured. The versatility also comes by default with Cimstone Olympos. The stone lends itself well to floors, walls and countertops across all kitchens, bars, bathrooms, laboratories, receptions, stairs and tables. Access it in a standard slab size of 3050 x 1400mm or in neat tiles measuring 300 x 300mm, 300 x 600mm and 600 x 600mm, the choice is yours.

Cimstone Calacatta Venato:

If rendering gravitas and elegance to your kitchen is a priority, go for Cimstone Calacatta Venato. The product is likely to stay significant this season for its unique marble effect colour. Here, the highly pronounced and sizeable grey veining runs across the white background, exuding a unique eye appeal that defines Italian marbles. Calacatta Venato is the perfect fit for your kitchen island but is equally apt as the only colour in the entire kitchen. Much like all Cimstone variants, it also merges style and substance to amaze you.

Cimstone Calacatta Venato

The product is resistant to acids and alkaline, meaning that spillages won’t pose a problem. The non-porous surface deters the entry of water, making it a top choice for settings where hygiene is prioritized. Cleaning is not an issue with Cimstone Calacatta Venato. Just use a clean cloth to wipe the surface gently. Mild detergent is advisable to get rid of the stubborn stains. It comes in all shapes and sizes for kitchen worktops, bar countertops, bathroom vanity tops, laboratory counters, reception desk, floor, indoor wall cladding, stairs, windows sills and table.

Cimstone Bianco Carrara:

Cimstone Bianco Carrara is making waves for all the right reasons this year, primarily for its exotic colour. This is a typical white Carrara marble with a white backdrop featuring faint, artistic grey flakes for a classic and timeless appeal. The colour combination is highly compatible, blending seamlessly into any contemporary or classic decor. Unsurprisingly, Bianco Carrara makes perfect sense for any remodelling project where only the countertop will be replaced.

Cimstone Bianco Carrara

Cimstone Bianco Carrara is as much to aesthetics as to function, thanks to its exceptional technical characteristics. As one of the hardest materials around, this Cimstone variant does not yield to knocks and impacts, keeping chips, scratches and metal marks at bay. The stone is compliant with NSF/ANSI 51 norms and doesn’t harbour pathogens, which makes it hygienic and safe for all foodstuffs. Plus, it can endure temperatures, acids and alkaline, ensuring a stain-free and superior performance. After-sales support is also ensured by the manufacturer.    

Cimstone Arcadia:

Cimstone Arcadia is a safe bet for a distinctive kitchen. The stone carries a riveting colour palette with a white backdrop dotted by grains of quartz worktops crystals in varying shapes and sizes. The sumptuous combination evokes the looks of natural granite in all its charm. Cimstone Arcadia’s colours are inspired by the Peloponnese Peninsula, a picturesque region in Greece.

Cimstone Arcadia

The surface is intensively polished and extremely tough, meaning that it will look great, perform well and last long. No more bleeding money on untimely repairs or replacements. Just install it once and breathe easy. Cimstone Arcadia also bears all key characteristics of Cimstone – be it stain and scratch resistance, hygienic, eco-friendliness and easy upkeep or versatility. Use it for a countertop or walls and floors of kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, halls and bars, the choice is yours. Other possible applications include windows sills, coffee tables and stairs.

Cimstone Petra Concrete:

Cimstone Petra Concrete is one of the top flavours for the season with its traditional cement and concrete looks. Also known as Cimstone concrete, the stone is a practical material for kitchen countertops, thanks to its exceptional characteristics. The surface is non-porous and resistant to temperature, acids, alkaline, impact, scratches and metal marks, making it ideal for homes and hospitality settings.  Given the incredible structural integrity, you get the assurance of a long-lasting and chip-resistant surface with Cimstone Concrete.

Cimstone Petra Concrete

It’s convenient to clean or upkeep, a characteristic that every countertop should be blessed with. Besides kitchen worktops, Cimstone Petra Concrete is a welcome addition to any bar, bathroom, living room, visitor’s area, staircase and table. The stone comes in multiple dimensions, including 300 x 300mm, 300 x 600mm and 600 x 600mm with thickness ranging from 10mm to 20mm. So, sizeable panels minus seams are possible for high traffic areas. 

Cimstone Oslo:

Cimstone Oslo creates an impact with a credo of using less to the maximum. This Cimstone variant incorporates a grey base dotted with grains and intermittent glittery speckles, rendering a distinguishing look to the kitchen. Remarkably, it is devoid of any mirror chips yet delivers an unmatched refined appeal, only to offer the ultimate in granite. Contemporary, classic, transitional or country – no matter what the decor is – Cimstone Oslo will complement it to perfection. Unsurprisingly, it’s one of the sought-after Cimstone colours in the current season.

Cimstone Oslo

Cimstone Oslo complements great aesthetics with superb technical traits. The stone is as sturdy as it gets, bringing longevity and superior performance to your kitchen countertops. Easy cleaning and maintenance, high impact and temperature resistance and non-porosity are just a few other winning traits that Oslo is endowed with. Plus, the need to use a sealant is eliminated outright, making it stand out from the natural stones. Speaking of versatility, the stone blends itself seamlessly into floors and walls of kitchens and bathrooms across all decors.

Cimstone Cortina:

If you are obsessed with the grace of natural marble, Cimstone Cortina is here to broaden your purview. The strikingly white backdrop is complemented by grey veins, running amuck across the lustrous surface to create a mesmerizing effect. Exuding an inimitable charm of natural marble, Cortina comes across a colour of choice for homeowners who despise mediocrity. Better still, it belittles the natural marble in performance due to improved characteristics.

Cimstone Cortina

Typical of Cimstone offerings, Cimstone Cortina has the high structural integrity to ward off chipping on virtually all occasions and deliver reliable performance for years to come. Other traits of a Cimstone stone like non-porosity, heat, stain and scratch resistance and easy upkeep are also realisable with Cortina. The manufacturer offers the product in variable sizes and thicknesses. Jumbo size, 3200 x 1600mm, slabs are also readily available to suit specific needs. Plus, it’s harmonious with all indoor spaces – be it a kitchen, bathroom, bar, living room or more.