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Wireless Worktops in Marble, Granite and Quartz

How many times have you wanted to read a recipe off the tablet and run out of battery while doing so? With changing times, we have discarded our little recipe cards and books, instead we rely on our tablets and smartphones. Well don’t you believe it is also necessary to find a solution to your problem of finding outlets for devices to charge on?

You might say that the solution is putting in outlets while a kitchen is being constructed or renovated. But, these outlets are used more for the appliances used within the kitchen rather than as a charging point. This is where new age technologies intervene. Both worktop companies such as My Kitchen Worktop as well as technology companies are looking to work out set-ups where wireless charging is made possible.

In fact, My Kitchen Worktop have come up with a unique concept- a wireless charging device seamlessly built into their worktops to help you multi-task your daily routine. Not only does the latest in our innovative products help you in a home kitchen but also in any other space-commercial offices, restaurants, bars, etc. where worktops can be effortlessly integrated.

How does the wireless charging worktop work?

With the latest technology i.e., Q1 inductive charging technology, the charger which can simply be installed by My Kitchen Worktop, recessing it under the worktop surface when aligned between the receiver coil and transmitter allow for an efficient charging.

Now, with the increase in the number of devices which are compatible with such wireless charging modes, a transmitter such as the one My Kitchen Worktop offers becomes a highly effective and viable option both for retrospective fitting as well as fitting into new worktops.

If you’re worried about how the charger’s efficiency works with the aesthetic appeal of your granite, marble or quartz, then you have nothing to fear as the charger comes with an “invisible” design which is created keeping in mind that the appearance of existing countertops shouldn’t be affected.

Our wireless worktops in granite, marble, quartzite or quartz help achieve a balance between a well-honed aesthetic appeal and the effectiveness of the latest in wireless charging. On offer is both a wired (the charger is connected to a main outlet) as well as a wire-free option where the charger is powered by batteries which then allow for the wireless charging enabled device to simply be placed over it.


Features and Benefits

The wireless chargers which when embedded allow for our wireless worktops in granite, marble, quartzite, quartz such as Silestone, Compac and Caesarstone have quite a lot of functional features:

  • Efficient integration into the countertop
  • Wire-free option
  • Does not disturb the aesthetic appeal
  • Stylized LED lights to indicate charging
  • Simple and hassle-free installation with ‘hidden’ option
  • Standby option when not in use

With all these features, the wireless charging worktops allow for easy charging for your Q1 inductive charging enabled devices. At My Kitchen Worktop, we understand the need to bring together our quality stone worktops- the best in the market, with the latest technology in unobtrusive, smart charging.

Now, it has become easier to use your smart devices while utilizing your worktop without ever having to leave the comfort of your cooking area and/or office space. Quality, ease of use and the best in technology- all in one place, in your wireless worktops available for a range of different uses in commercial and residential spaces.

Wireless Worktop

For quality stone wireless worktops, you may get in touch with My Kitchen Worktop, the leader in stone worktops in London.