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Worktop materials that could be the flavour of 2020

The surface market is dynamic, with trends changing more frequently than one can anticipate. What was popular a year back might be overtaken by newer, more innovative options. Time will tell what pans out in 2020. Meanwhile, here’re a few likely candidates to steal the show.

  • Cambria Quartz:

Well, 2020 is not about out with the old and in with the new. Cambria quartz worktops were popular in the previous years and will continue to attract sales in 2020 as well. Cambria is a more sophisticated alternative to granite, known for its hard and handsome attributes. Count on it for the sturdy, durable and eye-appealing surface to complement any decor, from traditional to contemporary. As is the case with any other surface, Cambria quartz UK also has its share of trade-offs, porosity for one. From wine to oils, liquids penetrate through the porous surface, leading to stains and bacteria build-up. Sealing and treatments are required to limit porosity.      

cambria rosedale kitchen worktops

  • Silestone Eternal Noir:

Another countertop surface with a proven record, Silestone is likely to enjoy popularity for its competitive characteristics. Silestone Eternal Noir is a perfect blend of natural quartz and other raw materials, making it exceptionally sturdy and resilient to impact, temperatures, staining and chipping. It’s non-porous and protected with an anti-microbial coating to ensure hygienic work environments. Plus, you’ll find it easy to clean and maintain, durable and sympathetic to any interior design. Add to it a 25 years transferable warranty; you are in for a risk-free buying. The already huge variety of colours, hues and finishes will be complemented by the latest offerings for 2020. That’ll allow for both, polished as well as matt concrete-effect worktops.

  • Caesarstone Cloudburst Concrete:      

Caesarstone is all set to gain traction in 2020 for reasons not hard to comprehend. Caesarstone comprises 93% pure natural quartz and polymer resins. The composition results in a robust, resilient surface that can endure anything thrown at it. Caesarstone cloudburst concrete, a part of the Caesarstone Metropolitan Collection, is the new variant to watch out for. Inspired by the traditional beauty of natural concrete, the variant excels in sturdiness, longevity, versatility, and function. From impact, stains, scratches and metal marks, it can take it all. Even with minimal care, it retains its lustre and delivers superior performance for years. Much like CRL Calacatta Colorado, the surface lends itself well to walls, floors, vanity tops, besides, of course, worktops.  

Caesarstone Cloudburst Concrete honed worktops e1530083878899

  • Compac Unique Calacatta:

Natural Calacatta marble, a mainstay of many kitchens the world over, is likely to give way to a more sophisticated and feature-rich variant, the Compac Unique Calacatta. Engineered from a mix of about 96% pure quartz and 4% resin, the variant offers an ideal countertops surface for all design schemes. The surface features a stunning white backdrop, on which the striking grey veins are complemented by golden tints for awe-inspiring aesthetics with a tinge of luxury. Unique Calacatta guarantees easy maintenance, long service life, anti-stain properties, and complete hygiene. Up to 30 years of warranty is yet it’s another redeeming feature. The surface is available in both polished and matt finishes to suit all tastes, requirements and decors.

Compac Unique Calacatta e1515047447480

  • Neolith Calacatta Luxe:   

Feast your eyes on the Neolith Calacatta Luxe, a state of the art surface from the house of The Size Surface. The surface is revolutionizing the surface industry with some cutting edge features that are hard to realise with other natural or engineered stones. Neolith Calacatta Luxe is 100% natural and hence, can withstand extreme heat, ultraviolet rays, fire, freezing, liquids, and lot more. With interior and exterior applications in across residential and commercial settings, it’s one of the most versatile surfaces out there. As is the case with Quartz forms Soul Calacatta, Cleaning and maintenance is not a hassle with Calacatta Luce. Being resin-free, it’s highly safe as well.

Neolith Calacatta Luxe