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Caesarstone Organic White Quartz

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Caesarstone Organic White quartz 4600 is a reinterpretation of the classic pure white quartz stone with a twis, using new colour and pattern which combines technologies creating a slightly different toned white surface, carefully blended to create a natural and organic appearance. The nature-inspired designs give the surfaces the look of natural stone in neutral tones, with its rich texture-like appearance and a very low maintenance requirement. Composed by 93% pure natural quartz, Caesarstone Organic White offers a flexible, adaptable surface suitable for hard wearing areas in commercial and residential environments. Caesarstone is the pioneer of the natural quartz surface in the marketplace. With origins in 1987, the Company sets world class standards both in terms of the quality of their products and customer service with bases in over 50 countries globally. Caesarstone Organic White quartz slabs come in dimensions of 3060x1440mm which allow for large seamless surfaces and thicknesses of 13mm, 20mm and 30mm; which ensure there are endless type of applications in which this popular quartz stone can be applied, including kitchen worktop, vanity top, flooring, fireplace surround and wall cladding amongst others. Caesarstone Organic White quartz offers polished finish with an immaculate sheen as standard, honed finish for aged designs and/or wet areas and engraved designs through the Motivo Collection The quartz stone ranges are Classico, with traditional colours and Supernatural which includes colours evoking the beauty of different natural stone types, ranging from marble, granite, quartzite to concrete and porcelain. Caesarstone quartz surfaces come with a 15 years manufacturer warranty and do not require sealing or resealing. Further to this, Caesarstone quartz offers a sturdy material that requires very little maintenance and is accompanied by the highest quality of pure natural quartz, being the first quartz manufacturer to received an ISO 14001 certification. Caesarstone quartz products will provide: • Flexibility in design • Ease of installation • Easy to care and maintain • Durability and strength • Scratch, stain and impact resistance • 15 Years Manufacturer’s warranty