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Marinace Red Granite

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An exquisite granite formed deep beneth the earths crust. It is a conglomerate of red, grey and white pebbles held within a black granite.
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Marinace Red granite is a natural stone with red base that comprises an exotic pattern of large spots in light and darker reddish, burgundy and white hues defined by characteristic tones throughout its surface, offering a unique look to any space in which it is displayed. Marinace Red Granite is quarried in Brazil to practically to the rest of the world, the UK and Europe where it is highly popular due to its low aesthetic variation from block to block. Marinace Red is classified as granite rock which due to its mineral make up and composition including igneous rocks formed by slow crystallization of Magma on the Earth’s crust. Granite is mainly composed of pure quartz, mica and other natural minerals which compose this well-known granular stone, used by people since the ancient times of Egypt. Famous monuments made out of granite include the iconic Mount Rushmore in USA, the Avukana Buddha statue in Sri Lanka and The Colossal Red Granite Statue of Amenhotep III in Egypt and more recently, The Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fountain in Hyde Park, London, United Kingdom. Marinace Red granite is available in polished and honed finishes as standard and special finishes such as Satinato, Flamed and Bush Hammered are supplied to order. Granite is an ideal stone to work with, offering the possibility of having seamless pieces across large surfaces such as kitchen worktops, bar counters, bathroom cladding and kitchen islands. Granite slabs tend to be the largest in size across all natural stone groups which make this a cost effective material as in cases when a whole project can be covered with only one slab of material.