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10 Most Popular Cambria Quartz Worktops Colours In 2019

Cambria is renowned for the cutting-edge quartz worktop designs. Many designers love the aesthetics of stylish Cambria countertops. It is a range of luxurious stone that are displayed as worktops in some of the very best showrooms.

With more than 145 designs in different categories, Cambria has come up with various other brilliant worktop colours in 2019 for urban homeowners. We have featured the 10 most Cambria quartz worktops colours 2019 that most of the customers chose for their homes:

1. Cambria Summerhill:

The engineered Cambria Summerhill stone boasts an off-white backdrop with opulent grains in light grey colour. This design is arranged in random patterns to make it resemble the natural marble, Bianco Carrara, and granite, Bianco Antico. This quartz evokes the beauty of marble and granite on seaside and beach landscapes.

2. Cambria Torquay:

Boasting white backdrop with delicate grey veins and hints of golden-brown patterns, Cambria Torquay quartz brings glorious aesthetics of natural marble to any interior.

3. Cambria Nevern:

With a creamish beige backdrop and veins in darker and lighter beige shades and black dots all over the surface, Cambria Nevern is one of the stylish pieces from 2019 collection. It resembles the natural aesthetics of Breccia Aurora or Crema Marfil marble. It is suitable for any modern interior area, including kitchens, living rooms, bathrooms, flooring and utility rooms.

4. Cambria Brittannica:

cambria huntley worktops

It is another popular colour mimicking the essence of most desired marbles out there. Cambria Brittannica quartz countertop is a statement piece with monochromatic appearance with deep veining. It would look perfect on a kitchen island, bathroom countertop or living room.

5. Cambria Berwyn:

Cambria Berwyn boasts off-white background with opulent grains in light grey shades arranged in various random patterns. This quartz stone brings aesthetics of natural marble-like Bianco Carrara or Alaska White granite to any modern interior.

6. Cambria Swanbridge:

Cambria Swanbridge

Another luxury quartz from this collection is the Cambria Swanbridge. It is available in white background with delicate light grey veining in random designs to spruce up your living space.

7. Cambria Buckingham:

Cambria Buckingham quartz bathroom bath top
Cambria Buckingham quartz bathroom bath top

With a beige backdrop and veins in light cream, beige and golden tones, this royal worktop has been arranged in random patterns just like marble. Cambria Buckingham is perfect to add imperial lighting-effect to interiors.

8. Cambria Annicca:

cambria annicca

Add a touch of sophistication to your interior areas with Cambria Annicca. In combination with golden, white and purple glitter, it will bring life and royal elegance to your space.

9. Cambria Bentley:

Reminiscent of black marble worktops, Cambria Bentley is ideal to blend with Panda White marble. But unlike natural stone, it is completely non-porous. If you want an aesthetically superior quartz stone for your interior, Bentley must be in your list.

10. Cambria Pendlehill:

cambria pendlehill

This superior quartz stone is designed to bring authenticity and modern charm to your interior. Cambria Pendlehill features cream and beige pattern combinations, along with black spots, on its surface.

All these Cambria colours are ideal for traditional and modern spaces in residential or commercial properties. You can pick the one that suits the interior and personal style for giving uniqueness to your home or office.