10 of the Best Contemporary Marble and Quartz Countertops that will Suit any Kitchen

With so many different types of marble and Quartz Countertops/worktops available it can be fairly challenging for people to choose one.

Marble and quartz are two of the most common worktop materials. While marble worktops have been around for centuries, quartz has gained substantial popularity in the last few decades. These worktops are available in several designs and colours, making the selection process arduous for the person responsible for choosing and/or specifying these materials.

As a worktop plays a major role in determining both the productivity of a kitchen and its aesthetics, a decision should be made with caution in order to ensure that the purchase is perfect for your needs.

10 of the best contemporary marble and quartz worktops that will suit any kitchen are mentioned below-

1. Black Fossil Marble- The classy black finish of this marble worktop with gray fossil imprints will surely add up to the appearance of your kitchen.

Black Fossil Marble
2. Calacatta- Calacatta is one of the most popular natural marble worktop materials and is available in several designs. Add this worktop to your kitchen, and you can instantly jazz up its appearance.

3. Emerald Green- The creamy emerald color of this worktop makes it a great choice for any contemporary kitchen. It is beautiful, durable and requires minimum maintenance.

Emerald Green
4. Sodalite- If one is looking for a truly stunning material, a Sodalite (classified as a marble on different countries) worktop can be a great choice. The attractive blue color of this stone worktop with light blue and white swirls makes it perfect for any trendy kitchen.

5. Crystal White quartz by Quartzforms- Replace the existing worktop with a crystal white quartz worktop to add a serene touch to your kitchen. While the worktop would need more care and maintenance than that required on darker marble, its appearance still makes it a great choice.

Crystal White
6. Taj Mahal Quartzite- Worktops made from white quartzite are very popular and an increasing number of homeowners in the UK prefer it for its durability and appearance.

Taj Quartzite
7. Calacatta Brazil- This natural quartzite worktop material is perfect for any busy contemporary kitchen. It is non-porous, doesn’t harbor viruses and bacteria and is stain-resistant too.

Calacatta Brazi
8. Moulin Rouge- The dark red finish of this worktop material makes it great for any kitchen with modern, colorful interiors. Match the flooring with this worktop material and your kitchen would certainly stand out.

Moulin Rouge
9. Gold Macaubas quartzite- Adding elegance to a kitchen is something that Golden Macaubas quartzite worktops can do with extreme ease. The golden, reddish tones and brown finish veins of this material is attractive, and its durability will ensure that it lasts for long years.

Gold Macaubas quartzite
10. Azul Macaubas- This too is a popular quartzite worktop material which can be an excellent choice for any contemporary kitchen. Kitchens with subtle interiors would easily coordinate with Azul Macaubas.

Azul Macaubas